Power boiler softened water equipment work management key points

by:Tepro     2020-11-20
Power boiler softened uv water purifier is made up of soft water controller, resin jar, strong acid sodium ion Yang resin and the composition of salt box machine, has small volume, simple operation and run automatically without manual operation, etc, has been widely used in industrial boiler, cooling circulating water, steelmaking, steel rolling, large transformer, civilian hot water boiler, etc. As you all know, water is soft hard, often heard someone talking about water quality when reflecting on the hardness of the water, the hardness of water represents the material contained in it is different, generally refers to the salt dissolved in water quality, the content of magnesium salt and calcium salt content is more hard water, vice for soft water. Relatively hard water to the person's harm is bigger, can eliminate by boiling in hard water and not eliminate water hardness for the total hardness of water. When the water hardness is too high, has certain harm to human body. The state drinking water hardness is required. So-called water, it is because people don't often drink hard water drinking hard water caused by the intestines and stomach discomfort. So the hardness of water is the need to change the human, to ensure that the body better absorption. 1, to set up the soft water softening work management operation system in order to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler, should establish the basic system of soft water homework. 2, rinse boiler and water softening effect evaluation on a regular basis. Regular rinse boiler boiler 1, thoroughly remove the purpose of the stockpile of mud, prevent the junction to generate renewable scale. 2, thoroughly remove loose fall off in the operation of the old scale, to prevent clogging pipeline. 3, eliminate the adhesion in a furnace, and soft scale on the surface of the pipe wall, so that they don't become hard scale. 4, check the boiler heat transfer surface scale growth, measuring the thickness of the presence of increased, to identify water softening effect. 5, check the techniques of each part of the boiler, and boiler safety device, such as the safety valve, pressure gauge, drain valve for maintenance, to ensure the safety valve, pressure gauge, drain valve for maintenance, to ensure safe operation. The duration of the flushing power boiler softened uv water purifier, the use of boiler in the inland waters processing production boiler once a month, best among a heating period heating boiler should be once; Use the washing cycle of boiler water softening of the boiler may be extended appropriately. To analyze the purpose of the scale, mainly from the feed water, boiler water, dirt, scale of CaO and MgO style, the ratio of SiO2, and physical properties of scale, the scale of law, in order to take improvement measures, improve the effect of water treatment. In short, internal waters processing power boiler, not only need to have a formula for water quality condition, also need to have strict technical management and supervision, to receive better effect.
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