Photovoltaic industrial ultrapure water equipment ten advantages - — Ultrapure water equipment

by:Tepro     2020-12-01
Photovoltaic industrial ultrapure uv water purifier is mainly a mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, softener and precision filter consisting of pretreatment system, the main equipment has the reverse osmosis equipment, EDI module. Traditional ultrapure uv water purifier USES the core technology is the mixed bed of Yin and Yang, the emergence of EDI technology replaced the application of the mixed bed, photoelectric industry with ultrapure water treatment equipment, water quality, running more stable. Photovoltaic industrial ultrapure water equipment ten big plus 1, do not need to acid and alkali regeneration: the operation of the electric desalination is safe, waste water processing becomes simple. 2, can be continuous production, the production of electric desalination is continuous, exempt the complex in the process of using the mixed bed regeneration operation, reduce a lot of spare equipment. 3, don't need to deal with waste acid and alkali, no waste acid and alkali neutralization processing system. Electric desalination of water can be discharged directly or return to the RO imports. 4, installation simple conditions: electric desalination when installation, cover an area of an area small, factory can meet, for lower plants, can through to the electric desalination module level configuration solution. 5, system design is simple: electric desalination of module design is easy to make it flow do 100 tons/hour or more. 6, low running cost, electric desalination system compared with all kinds of mixed bed, competitive in price. 7, practical design: for electric desalination system, whether it's maintenance or increase or decrease the capacity of the equipment is very easy. Of the film must be replaced, as long as the flowers at the scene very little downtime can be completed. 8, easy installation and maintenance: electric desalination plant allows the flow of the film by other redistribution of the film and reach to a certain maintenance requirements, does not change the performance of the system. 9, water quality stability: stable electricity in addition to salt water quality sure. There will be no ordinary that water quality changes of the mixed bed. 10, the standard design: photovoltaic industrial ultrapure water equipment using standard units, as the building blocks of combination can meet the needs of the users of different water rate. Hotline - 0510 83721081
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