Pharmaceutical applications ultraviolet sterilization equipment in water treatment

by:Tepro     2020-04-28
In the pharmaceutical field have a special demanding of the water. With efficient sterilization, prominent characteristics, such as uv light sterilizer equipment is more and more widely applied in water treatment industry. With the bactericidal effect of more than 99%, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment in the field of pharmaceutical water treatment plays a huge role. equipment applied in pharmaceutical field water treatment over current ultraviolet sterilization is mainly applied in the field of water treatment. But because the water in the field of pharmaceutical occupy very important position, therefore to water treatment has good effect of ultraviolet sterilization equipment industry has become one of important pharmaceutical equipment. Typically ultraviolet sterilization equipment sterilization efficiency is very high, can reach 99% 99. 9% of several kinds of bacteria and viruses, and in the sterilization time typically require within 1 second, at present more and more get the welcome of the pharmaceutical industry. At home along with the continuous development of pharmaceutical industry, the production standards continue to improve, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment, efficient, safe, green environmental protection advantages will increasingly be seriously, its application prospect is very bright. Pharmaceutical production is generally consists of several process period, between the different stages may be damaged by microbial contamination, and ultraviolet disinfection can be used as an effective safeguard, to ensure that the drugs in each process section between metamorphic will not occur. About expert introduction, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment using the special design of high efficiency, high strength and long life of c-band ultraviolet generating device, the strong ultraviolet light C, all sorts of bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and other pathogens by ultraviolet C irradiation dose, the DNA structure in cells were damaged, which in the case of without using any chemical drugs kill bacteria, viruses, and other circulating, achieve the purpose of disinfection and purification. People study of uv light sterilizer roughly began more than 120 years ago. Early research and applied to a large extent by the ultraviolet disinfection hardware production technology limited, this is mainly embodied in the uv lamp, ballast, ultraviolet sensors, and other areas of the production technology. After years of development, especially in recent years of technical breakthrough, ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology is basically solved the problem of practical application, the advantages of low investment, simple operation and treatment effect is good wait for an advantage, especially for some stubborn type microbial treatment has prominent effect.
uv light disinfection has become a standardized way of dealing with uv sterilization lamp.
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submersible uv light can be applied in different ways as uv disinfection lamp.
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