Ozone sterilization principle

by:Tepro     2020-07-27

a basic properties, ozone:

ozone, also known as three atomic oxygen, named because of its light similar fishy smell, its molecular formula for O 3, is oxygen with isoforms. Molecular weight is 48, ozone density P = 2 in the standard condition. 144 g/L, air density P = 1. 2938 g/L, 1 PPM ozone = 1. 936mg/m3 。 The solubility of ozone in water is about 10 - oxygen 15 times, the poor stability in the water.

ozone decomposition, not stable reference state, ozone has a half-life of 22 - 25 minutes, 1 hour and decline rate was 61%. The higher the temperature, humidity, the greater the shorter half-life.

2, ozone sterilization principle

ozone is a strong oxidizer, the REDOX potential after fluoride ( F2) 。 Ozone is a kind of high efficient and broad-spectrum fungicide, it can rapidly kill people and animals all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microbes. The use of ozone strong oxidizing, can in a relatively short period of time break biological structure of bacteria, viruses and microbes, lose the ability to survive. Rather, ozone sterilization effect and peracetic acid is stronger than formaldehyde, sterilization ability is twice as tall as chlorine. With oxidizing to kill microorganisms in order to achieve the sterilization effect of chemical disinfectants and there are many, such as common chlorine, bleaching powder, potassium permanganate, etc. But not only are these chemical disinfectant sterilization speed is slower than the ozone, and harmful to human body. Ozone has different with general disinfectant, because the excess ozone can quickly break down into oxygen, oxygen and no harm to human body. With general chemical disinfectants progressive, accumulating sterilization function, ozone sterilization effect is sharp. When its concentration exceeds a certain threshold, sterilizing and even can be instantaneous. Using ozone sterilization no secondary pollution, the treated water, air, food and utensils in no remnants of any harmful substances, this is the incomparable advantages to other chemical disinfectants.

ozone in addition to the bactericidal effect, due to its strong oxidizing, can also be used for oxidation, discoloration, in addition to flavor, deodorant, such as can be used to remove the odor in the freezer, odor, used for sewage treatment.

three, ozone production

human manufacturing ozone mainly by natural produce method.

1, photochemical method

principle: wavelengths in the uv light can decompose oxygen molecules and aggregated into ozone. Photochemical method is to produce lambda = 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet spectrum, this light is absorbed by O 2 most easily and to produce the effect of ozone. High purity, and produce ozone is not sensitive to humidity, temperature, has the very good repeatability.

2, electrochemical method

principle: the use of dc power supply electrolytic oxygen electrolytes produce ozone gas. At present, a lot of electrolyte for acid salts electrolyte or pure water.

3, corona discharge method

principle: imitating nature lightning produce ozone method, through artificial alternating high voltage electric field in gas plasma, the oxygen molecules in the air in the plasma reaction, and the collision molecules to O 2.

4, the problem that should be paid attention to in the process of application of ozone

ozone is avirulent safe gas, talked about the danger of it mainly is the strong oxidation ability, the concentration is higher than 1. More than 5 PPM, researchers must leave the site. Because ozone stimulate the respiratory system, caused serious damage. Countries to formulate the corresponding hygiene standards.

the international ozone association: 0. 1 PPM, 8 hours contact

countries such as Germany, the United States and Japan: 0. 1 PPM contact 10 hours

China: 0. 15 PPM, 8 hours contact

( Parts per million (PPM) is measuring index of ozone concentration in the air, 1 PPM = 2 mg/m3)

5, ozone concentration detection method

ozone concentration detection method can be roughly divided into two major categories of chemical analysis method and instruments.

is the most commonly used in chemical analysis method of potassium iodide, boric acid potassium iodide spectrophotometry and suction light blue acid sodium spectrophotometric method. Instrument method to detect the concentration of ozone principle is to use chemiluminescence method and ultraviolet absorption method, ozone instrument method to detect the advantage of high sensitivity, good repeatability, also to the operator level requirement is not high, is a good method.

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