Of the four precautions in the water treatment equipment installation

by:Tepro     2020-12-10
Our life is inseparable from the water, just like the fish without water, with the rapid development of science and technology, we are more and more high to the quality of life, a lot of places to install the dongguan water treatment equipment, below we together to understand the points for attention during the installation. 1, can't close to the fire when installation and any hot objects. 2, in the north of the weather is very cold, can not install the equipment in outdoor, in case of freezing damage inside the equipment. 3, equipment installation of ground surface must level off, the environment to clean, close to power and water. 4, the position of the equipment installation, convenient to drainage, keep equipment drain smoothly. Above is the small make up to you to explain some of the considerations about the dongguan water treatment equipment installed make, hope to help you, please continue to take care of our website for more details, we will not regularly update more information for you. About dongguan uv water purifier machine water purifiers common difficulty!
what are problems about water purifier? Below small make up water treatment to discuss for you; A, use for a period of time after water purifier water yield, the phenomenon of the attenuation, then it is possible that the problem such as water pressure, take water and water material, it also illustrates the has a lot of particulate matter in the turbid water content, etc. Second, the region of the flow is relatively large, but why is water purifier water flow is so little? Can use a pressure gauge to measure the water pressure at this time, if can meet the pressure you need to try to use the booster measures. Three, that came out after the water boiling water purifiers produce white sediment, that's because, alkaline and water is related to, solubility also fell, so that sediment will appear after the water boils, etc. Above is the problems about water purifiers, hope this article can bring you help.
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