Mineral water for the ultraviolet ozone sterilization device is handled?

by:Tepro     2020-06-27
Now in our country, the traditional bottled water and bottled water industry, ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology has gradually replaced the traditional bucket of water chemical disinfection method, ultraviolet radiation sterilization system is an economic and reliable choice, is for drinking water disinfection and effective choice, it has been proven around the world. Mineral water for the ultraviolet ozone sterilization device handling ultraviolet disinfection technology in the traditional production method of bottled mineral water treatment equipment in our country, the water to make use of ozone disinfection sterilization is still dominant. At the same time hold water in natural water is often used in the production and bromide ions, more or less under the action of ozone generates carcinogen bromate, affect human body health. It is known that ultraviolet disinfection does not produce any chemical residues, reasonable use ultraviolet ozone sterilization device to eliminate the traditional bottled water production of bromate. In the bottled water industry, how to meet the increasingly stringent hygiene standards, has increasingly become a serious challenge. Especially China quality supervision, inspection and quarantine bureau to implement about the regulations of the content of bromate. Also hope that don't use chemicals to customers to deal with the process of water. If you need to improve on plant and equipment, it also needs to make the investment pay off as soon as possible, and on the product quality improved. In order to ensure safety drinking mineral water treatment equipment, more and more bottled water companies are now beginning to seek such a safe way of disinfection, ozone disinfection not just because of a recent hot topic of cancer negative result of bromate, many excellent domestic bottled water production enterprises, including the country's largest natural drinking water, does not exist the problem of bromate, but from the long-term development of enterprises, reduce the security hidden danger, the greatest degree to ensure the water ecological Angle, turned to the ultraviolet disinfection lamps such a green, safe way of water treatment. This prove that, as people living standard rise further, the strengthening of health consciousness, ultraviolet ozone sterilization technology application in China of bottled water and bottled water will be more and more common, it also can promote the further development of uv technology and product innovation.
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