Method for using LED fill light for plant lighting

by:Tepro     2021-04-02
Now more and more people are starting to plant flowers and grasses, coupled with the rapid development of greenhouse planting, so the corresponding plant supplement light is more and more popular. It is believed that whether he is a family planting enthusiast or a greenhouse farmer, he is familiar with plant supply lights because it is often used. But how much do you know about plant lighting? Do you know why auxiliary lights are used? As we all know, just like human beings, plants need various nutrients to promote their growth, such as water, fertilizer and suitable temperature. Plant photosynthesis provides the energy needed for plant growth, and photosynthesis requires sunlight. When exposed to sunlight, the chloroplasts in plants convert carbon dioxide and water into energy and oxygen. Sunlight is very important for photosynthesis. Therefore, if there is insufficient light, plants will not be able to photosynthesize and provide sufficient energy for growth. So many growers have found a way to artificially illuminate plants and use this to create plant bulbs. Plant supplement light is a tool made by plants based on the principle of photosynthesis, which uses sunlight to replace the light emitted by plants to meet the growth needs of plants. Before people use incandescent lamps, HID lamps, fluorescent lamps and other plants to supplement light, these three types of lamps have some problems. If the heat is high, the spectrum cannot be adjusted, the lifespan is short, and the red and blue lights are lacking. Plant light supplementary lamps have low calorific value, long lifespan, small footprint, adjustable spectrum, full spectrum and red-blue spectrum, while red and blue light are the two most conducive to plant photosynthesis, so more and more people use it now Plant light supplement lamps to grow light. The plant light in the lighting plant canopy light can be used as a supplementary light in the shed, greenhouses, fruits, flowers, plants, factories, and homes. It can not only supplement light for plants, but also increase fruit production, and market in the morning and increase various The ratio of nutrient content can also control the flowering of flowers and make the color more vivid.
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