Meet with demineralized water equipment regeneration rushed out of the resin is how to deal with?

by:Tepro     2020-11-12
Often see in the demineralized uv water purifier running water softener resin ran to the sewer or inside the water tank, a waste of resin and demineralized water is unqualified, we analyze the production and the solution to the problem. Water production process run resin is the most common reason for center under the water pipe burst, fall off or broken, resin into the soft water tank in great quantities, through apart resin tank, spare center pipe inspection is very easy to find, if there are any damage, replace pipe base cloth. The regeneration process of resin leakage ( Resin with the sewage water) On cloth is the leading cause of water bursting, backwashing water inlet pressure is too high flow rate is too fast, the confirmation on the cloth of water under the condition of no damage, reduce the backwashing water velocity of flow, softened uv water purifier run resin problem we can get rid of, in the reality as well as long as we carefully to find problems, solve the problem carefully. 1. Regeneration process, the bed high internal pressure is not easy to do so has two purposes: one is to prevent it is due to the high pressure in the bed, and make the brine is dozen don't go in. 2 it is to prevent the door because of salt bed fluid population is lax, and make the is running regeneration brine leak to the bed, the running water hardness or Cl - bed Content is higher. 2. Inverse filter were regularly because there is a certain amount of mud in industrial salt, if not eliminate, can enter the softening bed with brine, sedimentation in the resin layer, affect softening bed regeneration or running effect. In order to guarantee the running effect of salt filters, should reverse were filter on a regular basis. Every 25 - may be considered 30 d backwashing once. Salt filter backwashing according to general filter operation is carried out. 3. Don't interrupt regenerative interrupt, easy to cause air into the resin layer, which affect the regeneration effect. 4. Always keep monitoring in the process of regeneration pipe water monitoring water, said resin layer has a certain thickness of the layer. This has two advantages: one is to prevent into the air. The second is to avoid salt water directly impact the surface of the resin, resin layer surface caused by uneven, and bias current generation. 5. In order to improve the effect of regeneration, can use two step method: first to match the 1/3 of regeneration with salt into a dilute concentration ( 1% - 2%) 。 And the remaining two-thirds will match a thicker concentrations ( 8% - 10%) Regeneration, can obtain good effect.
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