Medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp for water disinfection treatment

by:Tepro     2020-04-27
In water treatment industry, the pharmaceutical industry with medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the most strict. Because ozone is difficult to control. And over current advantages especially in medical hand-washing water treatment. Medical hand-washing water disinfection sterilization, generally do not consider too much power consumption cost, etc. Medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp for the disinfection of water handling of tap water in waterworks in general factory has made the disinfection sterilization. But the use of chlorine disinfectants water quality, on the one hand, causing bacteria regeneration with incomplete sterilization, on the one hand, due to excessive residual chlorine in the medical, the phenomenon of the side effects may occur. Therefore, looking for a no residue, fast, efficient and thorough sterilization ways into medical water first issue. In this regard, and ozone over current machine both win. But as a result of ozone generated ozone machine is mixed with water and way of the problem is more complex. So a lot of people think increased the instability of ozone concentration, at the same time increase the cost of the installation. Finally eliminated as a result, is affiliated medical hand-washing water such as the best person for water sterilization. Common water pipe is thin, water supply pipe specifications in 25 - the metric system 32 mm between. Traffic is generally not more than 20 l/min. Such as using blue philips original T8 - spirit aquatic animals 30 w bulb, a sufficient. But in order to guarantee high standards of medical water, we can equipped with two such tubes, plus the original philips ballast. Uv sterilizer lampin sterilizing the biggest problem is that when the flow of liquid turbidity should be guaranteed. The 60 w power output for 1. 2 t/H flow enough, but in the flow of liquid turbidity in 2 degrees below the premise condition. Otherwise it will be sterilization rate according to situation at a discount. Therefore, the most effective way is in front of the series a physical filter such as sand filter cylinder or deep sand filter cylinder.
Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in uv disinfection lamp. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
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