Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Ultraviolet Lamp

Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Ultraviolet Lamp


The use of an ultraviolet light tube to disinfect the room (in the ward) is more familiar to the patients with leukemia. But there are a lot of precautions for ultraviolet disinfection, are you clear?


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Scientific principle of ultraviolet disinfection

The DNA of the microorganism is mainly used, the DNA structure is destroyed, the function of reproduction and self-replication is lost, and the purpose of sterilization and disinfection is achieved.


Characteristics of ultraviolet lamp sterilization


1. After lighting the lamp, the indoor dirty air is gradually clean due to the action of ozone and ultraviolet light, so this lamp continues to supply the source of fresh air, and the free bacteria in the air are also killed when ozone decomposes, which can prevent colds and other air-borne infectious diseases, and prevent the spread of hepatitis and tuberculosis.


2. Deodorizing and mildew prevention. Lighting this lamp in the bedroom and bathroom can not only prevent odor, but also kill flies, mosquitoes and other larvae. In a dark, wet room, things can be prevented from getting moldy.


3. And the pure physical sterilization has no secondary pollution. Since the ultraviolet disinfection technology does not need to be added with any chemical agent, it does not cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment.


4. Ultraviolet disinfection technology, disinfection efficiency is the highest of all disinfection methods.


5. It can effectively prevent SARS,H5N1,H1N1, meningitis and other epidemic diseases.


Precautions for use of ultraviolet lamp tube

1.The ultraviolet rays can only travel in the straight line, the penetration ability is weak, and any paper, lead glass and plastic can greatly reduce the irradiation intensity. Therefore, the disinfection site shall be exposed to ultraviolet light as far as possible during disinfection.


2.Wipe the tubes regularly. During use, the surface of the lamp tube shall be kept clean and wiped once a week with an alcohol cotton ball. The surface of the lamp tube shall be wiped at any time when it is found to be dirty, so as not to affect the UV penetration rate and the irradiation intensity.


3. Indoor air disinfection: each lamp is required to be not less than 1.5 W, the irradiation time is not less than 30 min, and the lamp is less than 2 m from the ground. Keep the room clean and dry to reduce dust and water fog. When the temperature is lower than 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ and the relative humidity is more than 60%, the irradiation time should be prolonged properly.


4.Surface disinfection: The lamp tube shall not be more than 1 meter from the surface of the object.


5.When using ultraviolet light to sterilize, people should not be present in order to avoid injury caused by ultraviolet radiation directly on people's eyes and skin, let alone light tubes lit directly with their eyes. PS: for small ultraviolet lamps used in some restaurants and families to eliminate mosquitoes, their luminous principles are different, and there is no need to worry.


6. In places where people are active, do not generally use ozone lamps, because ozone will promote the condensation of human hemoglobin, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply, dizziness, nausea, affecting health, especially when ozone concentration reaches > 0.3ppm (mg/m ), will cause harm to the human body.


7.UV has an anti-killing effect on organic cells. Do not long-term exposure to pets and plants.


8.Do not use the ultraviolet lamp as a lighting lamp, and the disinfection time is 30 minutes to 1 hour, and the ultraviolet lamp is not promoted for a long time.


9.After the room is disinfected, please open the window for more than 5 minutes.


10.The service life of the lamp tube is 1000 hours, the radiation intensity is monitored once every six months, and it should be replaced when it is below 70uw/ cm.


1. Do not put the damaged or waste light tube beside the person, and do not throw in the water, so as not to pollute the water source.


Sterilization Blind Area of Ultraviolet Lamps:

1, can only sterilize the upper surface of the object (food), can not sterilize the lower surface of the object;


2. When multiple objects overlap, the surface of the overlapping parts of the objects can not be sterilized and sterilized.


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3, can only sterilize the outer surface of the object, can not sterilize the interior of the object! That is to say, ultraviolet (invisible light) can not be exposed to the place can not play a bactericidal and disinfection effect.


Finally, it is hoped that the ultraviolet lamp tube should be used correctly, and the attention should be borne in mind, and the effect of the ultraviolet lamp disinfection can be eliminated or reduced.

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