Maintenance Of UV Sterilizer

Maintenance Of UV Sterilizer


1. Check regularly to ensure the normal operation of UV lamp.


2. After 9000 hours or one year of continuous use, ultraviolet lamps should be replaced to ensure a high bactericidal rate. Please pay special attention to the UV should continue on the state, because of repeated turn-on, the turn-off will seriously affect the service life of the lamp. (the default alarm time of the timer is 8000 hours, and the alarm time can be adjusted according to the instruction manual of the timer according to the need.)


3. When replacing the ultraviolet lamp, unplug the lamp power outlet and take out the ultraviolet lamp. When replacing the new lamp, be careful not to touch the quartz glass of the new lamp with your fingers, because the stain will affect the sterilized light, and carefully put the lamp into the stainless steel sterilizer.


4. If there is a hardness (calcium or magnesium) substance in the water, iron or manganese, then the quartz tube needs to be cleaned regularly. After cleaning the quartz tube should wear special plastic gloves quartz tube carefully into the reactor, after the sealing ring to check for leakage, plug in power, so that the detection lamp stable luminous.


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Note: ultraviolet radiation has a strong lethal effect on bacteria, and also has certain damage to the human body. The most vulnerable part of the human body is the cornea of the eye. Therefore, the lamp lit by the eye can not be used at any time to avoid injury. In case you have to look at it, use ordinary glass (wear glasses) or transparent plastic film as a protective mask. Do not misuse quartz glass, because ordinary glass can hardly pass through ultraviolet light at all. Once injured, do not panic, facial burns, a few days later the epidermis fell off, cured. Eye injury will be red and swollen, tears, tingling, about three or four days to recover. Anyway, when you get hurt, It is still recommended that you visit the doctor immediately. 

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