Low temperature in winter, succulent plants should be equipped with LED grow lights if necessary to avoid excessive

by:Tepro     2021-04-04
The temperature in winter is low, especially in the twelfth lunar month. The flowers and plants at home are not tolerant to freezing. To prevent the harmful effects of cooling to various flowers and plants, the first thing to do is to provide a warm environment for the plants to grow flowers and succulents in winter. Let the low temperature invade indoors. If the temperature in your home is below 0 degrees, the flowers and plants in your home may be wiped out, and it will be too late to regret. Heat the flowers and plants at the same time to increase the sunshine time. Put the flowers in the sunlight at home, illuminate the longest position, and try to make Succulents receive more sunlight. The flowering plants and foliage plants in the home are slightly better. After all, they are not easy to grow, compared to Succulents. They are also cheaper, putting succulents first. Succulent plants have no light, grow moderately, and are easy to change color. This is the reason often encountered in winter. Because the day and night are short and long in winter, the light during the day is short, and the light is weak. The sun shines on the glass, and the illumination is weakened by reflecting the glass. The acceptable light is also greatly reduced, so only fading occurs. Meat fading is not a big problem. Don’t wait until the temperature rises next spring, and then put more meat outside of the dew, and then bask in the sun for half a month. The meat that exceeds the color can be restored to the best condition. Moderate growth cannot be solved, but moderate growth. Once a succulent plant appears, it will not recover in a short period of time and lose its original state, so it is ugly. The low temperature season is more than meat. First of all, it must have good heat insulation to prevent more meat from frostbite. On the basis of no frostbite, it will increase the meat quality. The sunlight must grow moderately. Preventing the moderate growth of meat quality is irreversible. If the price is some Noble meat varieties, it is best to spare LED plant growth lights in winter, when the light is weak or humid, when the LED plant growth lights are on, you can turn on more meat. LED plant growth lights should be used more according to the type of meat, because more meat is very cheap and is a popular variety. If you use electricity as LED plant growth lights, it is better to buy more meat. More and more meat is in proportion, much cheaper meat but no fill light is used, moderate growth of frostbite, or more meat can be retained in the coming spring, LED plant growth lights are used, The problems that arise without reservation, after all, buy a bowl. As LED plant growth lights consume more electricity and the electricity price is high, you can buy a lot of meat with electricity money. In the fleshy winter, another important reason is that there is a lot of watering. Some novice flower lovers cannot control themselves and always like to water. All plants are prone to overgrowth in a humid environment. Less watering, more sunlight, and increasing light are effective means to avoid excessive growth of meat.
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