LED plant growth lamp lighting technology guarantees global fresh food supply

by:Tepro     2021-03-25
In recent years, the world’s population has grown rapidly, and metropolitan areas in particular have attracted more and more residents. In areas where arable land is limited but must be delivered in time, uv lamps have obvious advantages. Advanced lighting technology can create a specific lighting environment and provide an ideal light source to encourage LED plant growth lights or plant plants with certain characteristics. Many people experience the effects of insufficient light during the dark season, and fatigue and burnout increase as the number of hours during the day decreases. The same is true for plants-if they don't get enough light, they will not be able to photosynthesize effectively. LED grow lights mainly require red light (wavelength of 640 to 700nm) and blue light (wavelength of 400 to 490nm). Among them, red light can increase the output of plant biomass. According to industry insiders: 'The lighting market for uv lamps is booming. By continuously optimizing and providing newer products, it maintains a leading position in the market. The significant increase in efficiency will help customers save energy. uv lamps Technology can not only help growers produce pesticide-free fresh food in a narrow space, but also enable urban consumers to get fresh and healthy food faster. LED grow lights can provide auxiliary lighting in areas lacking natural light.
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