It's Only Five Steps! Easy Selection Of UV Water Treatment Equipment For You

It's Only Five Steps! Easy Selection Of UV Water Treatment Equipment For You


As early as more than 100 years ago, a waterworks in Marseille, France, used an ultraviolet disinfection process to disinfect drinking water. After a century of continuous research and development, the ultraviolet disinfection technology has become mature. Because of its very high bactericidal efficiency (under the standard experimental environment, the sterilization rate of 99.9% can be reached in 2 seconds), no toxic by-products are generated, the environment is environment-friendly, the taste and smell of the water are not affected, and the like are widely used in various industries.


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However, though the ultraviolet disinfection is good, how to choose the most suitable equipment is a small problem. Don't worry, TEPRO gives you a move. It's only five steps, and it's easy to select a good device!


Step 1: Identify the industry


It looks simple, but it's very important! The demand for disinfection in different industries is different. For example, drinking water mainly kills bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds (and their spores), and simultaneously decomposes the chlorine and chloramine which may be contained in the water body to ensure the safety of drinking; in the electronic industry, the ultraviolet technology is mainly applied in the aspects of disinfection and degradation of the TOC. It should also be noted that water treatment in different industries should also take into account the relevant requirements of policies and regulations.


Step 2: Detailed analysis of the water quality of the water source


Ultraviolet disinfection does have many advantages, but it can also be affected by objective conditions. In which the largest factor is from the original water quality. If the raw water is hard and turbid, special attention should be paid to it. And the water body condition can greatly influence the disinfection capacity of the ultraviolet rays. In the event that the raw water contains more bacterial colonies, it is also necessary to take a special account of the UV dose. At this point, a detailed solution and solution can be obtained by consulting the professional technical engineer.



Step 3: identifying requirements


In this link, you need to collect demand data from the front line, such as flow, disinfection level, environmental temperature and humidity, electrical installation conditions and more than 10 items of data. Through the feedback of these data, the ultraviolet radiation measurement, design structure and related auxiliary equipment configuration are determined. Swiss will also select the corresponding power system according to the flow rate and ultraviolet dose of the enterprise in order to achieve the goal of lower energy consumption and more uniform distribution of ultraviolet dose with fewer ultraviolet lamp tubes.


Step 4: Select a company with good service


The use time of industrial equipment is usually from a few years to several decades, and a good after-sales service system is needed to support. The supplier who can provide high-quality service will also be your solid backing.


The TEPRO has a professional technical team to provide excellent after-sales service.

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