Is it better to sterilize baby bottles with UV or steam?

by:Tepro     2021-04-04
2020-11-27 Ultraviolet disinfection is a medium-low temperature drying, which can avoid the release of some plastic plasticizers or undesirable chemicals caused by high temperature of steam. Moreover, the medium and low temperature disinfection environment is just right for us to disinfect the baby bottle without worrying about scalding. Ultraviolet disinfection is usually dried first and then disinfected. Disinfection is placed at the end to avoid secondary pollution. It is convenient to use and does not need to add water to avoid troubles such as scale. The steam disinfection test found that when the temperature reached 50 ℃, the common bacteria were killed within 8 hours. If some special viruses develop and require a higher temperature control to be eliminated, the shorter the disinfection time is, the better. If saturated steam or superheated steam above 100℃ can be used, the fabric can be sterilized quickly. However, this kind of excessively high temperature can easily debond, fade, become brittle, spall, etc. of cultural relics, so pay close attention to the changes as much as possible, and use them as little as possible. The worst thing is that after the dishes are disinfected, there is water after drying. And it is easy to breed stains, and it will turn yellow over time. If the high-temperature steam is accidentally touched, it will be very hot. If the baby moves and accidentally touches it, then the gain is not worth the loss. Steam sterilization of baby bottles is better. The penetrating power of ultraviolet rays is extremely weak, and it can only kill the microorganisms on the surface within 1 meter that can be directly irradiated by the enterprise. However, the ozone produced by high-intensity ultraviolet rays has a strong disinfection effect; but we must disinfect the research objects by containing a certain amount of water. At present, most disinfection cabinets on the market are a combination of high temperature and ozone disinfection principles. If operated according to the instructions, the disinfection effect can be guaranteed.
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