Introduction to reverse osmosis technology application and key points for cleaning of the equipment

by:Tepro     2020-12-11
Reverse osmosis phenomenon is common in nature, such as a cucumber in brine, cucumber will become smaller because of water loss. Water molecules into the brine solution of cucumber is the process of infiltration process. As shown in figure 1, if there is a only water molecules through the membrane to a pool of partition into two parts, on both sides of the diaphragm into pure water and salt water to the same height. Over a period of time can be found that pure water level decreased, and raise the level of the brine. We moved the water molecules through the diaphragm and phenomenon called osmosis phenomenon in brine. Salt water level rise is not unlimited, to a certain height can reach a balance. When the diaphragm liquid level difference represents pressure on both ends is referred to as osmotic pressure. The size of the osmotic pressure is directly related to the concentration of the brine. After the above device balance, if a certain pressure on the surface of the liquid brine end, at this point, the water molecules will migrate from the salt water to uv water purifier end. Fluid molecules under pressure from the dilute solution to the concentrated solution migration process of this phenomenon is called reverse osmosis phenomenon. If adding salt to one end of the above facilities, and more than the osmotic pressure salt water pressure in the end, we will be able to get uv water purifier at the other end. This is the principle of reverse osmosis water purification. Reverse osmosis facilities in the production of uv water purifier key has two, one is a selective membrane, we call it a semipermeable membrane, the second is a certain pressure. In brief, on the reverse osmosis membrane has many holes, these holes the size and the size of water molecules, due to bacteria, viruses, most of the organic pollutants and hydrated ion is much bigger than the water molecules, so can't through the reverse osmosis membrane and through the water phase separation. Many kinds of impurities in water, soluble salts are the most difficult to remove. As a result, often based on the discretion to determine the reverse osmosis desalination rate of water purification effect. The discretion of the reverse osmosis desalination rate mainly depends on the selectivity of reverse osmosis membrane. At present, the high selectivity of reverse osmosis membrane element desalination rate can be as high as 99. 7%.
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