Infrared Welding Technology

Infrared Welding Technology


1. Infrared Introduction

Infrared is one of the many invisible rays in the sun's light. In the electromagnetic wave spectrum, it is located on the outside of the red light, which is larger than the visible light wavelength, and the heating effect is superior, also known as infrared thermal radiation, which has the duality of electromagnetic wave and photons.

The infrared heat radiation can be divided into three types according to the wavelength: near-infrared (0.75-1.50. mu.m), strong penetrating power, and can be absorbed by the substance-absorbing part.

The medium infrared (1.50-6.0. mu.m) and the penetrating power are relatively shallow and are mostly absorbed by the surface of the material.

The far-infrared ray (6.0 to l000. mu.m), most of which is reflected, is absorbed by the surface layer.


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2. Infrared Heater

The quartz infrared lamp is an efficient heating source, which consists of a quartz bulb shell and a tungsten wire. The tungsten wire is extended into the filled quartz tube, and the tungsten wire heats and heats the gas in the quartz tube under the action of alternating current voltage, thereby generating infrared radiation, and when the infrared ray is absorbed by the object, the object is heated. The back of the lamp tube is provided with a reflection layer, so that the light can be concentrated on one side, and the waste of energy is reduced. The filament is in a uniform interval because of the support of the tungsten wire, so it is not easy to sag.


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3. The advantages and disadvantages of infrared welding

Advantages: high heating efficiency, less heat loss, low maintenance cost of equipment, directly heating the object, but not heating the surrounding air, and has the best wavelength suitable for heating the object;

 Disadvantages: infrared ray belongs to radiation technology, which is the weakness of radiation technology-overtemperature risk, and the temperature difference between solder joints caused by the difference of thermal characteristics.


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