Industrial wastewater treatment applications uv disinfector gradually popular

by:Tepro     2020-04-25
With the rapid development of industry, all kinds of industrial wastewater discharge problem arises at the historic moment, the amount of sewage is rising at an alarming rate. Industrial wastewater treatment has become a noticeable problem. Uv sterilizer, activated carbon filters and other devices is increasingly widely used in wastewater treatment. Against the industrial sewage wastewater treatment experts point out that the most effective way is to combine biological, physical and chemical methods. Uv sterilizer lampis applied to industrial wastewater treatment, water treatment, ozone generator 1 biological treatment method: divided into aerobic biological, jump oxygen. Biological, three kinds of natural biological treatment. Biological treatment is the use of microbial organic oxidation, decomposition, making it a stable with no maple principle methods of wastewater treatment; 2, chemical processing, chemical processing method including of acid and alkali wastewater, heavy metal wastewater treatment. Acid and alkali can be divided into acidic wastewater treatment and disposal of wastewater from alkaline wastewater treatment. Mainly comes from industrial wastewater containing heavy metal wastewater, acid mine water, for this kind of wastewater treatment by chemical precipitation method mainly ( Including hydroxide precipitation, sulfide precipitation, sulfate, etc. ) And oxidation-reduction method for processing; Alkaline wastewater treatment including cast acid neutralization, acidic waste water and exhaust gas neutralization. Acidic wastewater treatment including chemical neutralization, natural water and soil alkalinity and neutralization method, alkaline wastewater, lame slag; 3, physical treatment method: mainly includes: centrifugal separation, used for separation of suspended solids, water of different quality; Precipitation, used to remove inorganic grit, boasts a heavy water suspended organic matter and biological sludge, coagulation floc, can also be in isolated from the sludge water, the sludge concentration; Air flotation, used for separation density and always close to or slightly smaller than water clever grain; Grille and screen mesh, mainly used to remove the tiny suspended solids. Simple said physical treatment method is to use physical method to deal with waste water, the main purpose is to remove waste water insoluble suspended particulate matter in the separation. In the urban and industrial wastewater treatment in our country started relatively late. Real water after deep treatment for urban life and industrial production only developed in recent 20 years. The first adoption of wastewater reuse is building sewage reuse, then gradually expand to the water shortage city in industry. The proper processing and comprehensive utilization of wastewater can solve the problem of water shortage and environmental pollution, etc. Especially for some relatively lack of city. Practice has proved that in our country to carry out sewage and industrial wastewater deep treatment and recycling of research and application is in conformity with the national conditions, it is very necessary and feasible.
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