Industrial application uv?

by:Tepro     2020-04-19
technology in drinking water industry development, mainly because of uv sterilizer can completely kill cryptosporidium, trichomoniasis. device is also widely used in industrial water and wastewater industry, which mainly include uv sterilizer eliminate ozone, ultraviolet sterilizer process of reducing the total organic carbon. Industrial uv application technology guide to 1, the action of uv sterilizer uv light sterilizer mainly adopts ultraviolet wavelengths of light, can damage cells DNA core of life, so to prevent cell regeneration, the loss of regeneration, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization. 2, ultraviolet ozone can eliminate in the process of industrial production, the role of ozone is used in the disinfection and purifying water body. But because of ozone has strong oxidation ability, the remaining ozone in water if not removed may have an effect of the next process, therefore, usually the ozone treated water before entering the main technological process must remove all remaining ozone in water. Ultraviolet (uv) for processing the residual ozone is very effective, can put the ozone into oxygen. 3, uv sterilizer to reduce the amount of total organic carbon in laboratory preparation, organic matter could interfere with the production of ultra pure water, the shorter wavelength of ultraviolet ray can break down organic matter can effectively reduce the amount of total organic carbon. Ultraviolet (uv) oxidation process of organic reactions while some complex, but the main principle is through the free hydroxide with strong oxidation ability, organic oxygen into water and carbon dioxide. Uv uv light sterilizer technology initially applied in the field of industry, take advantage of ultraviolet kill viruses, bacteria, etc are widely known. The ultraviolet ray technology in the food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical preparation, industrial manufacturing, high pure water production and so on in the water treatment industry.
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