Identify the drinking water quality of shallow of dongguan small make up water treatment equipment six big secret!

by:Tepro     2020-12-15
Now every family has a water dispenser, so all we have to how to recognize it for drinking water quality? uv water purifierequipment is from dongguan below small make up for you explain the distinguish method of drinking water quality. 1、“ Smell & throughout; Is nose to feel the smell of the water, at present our country most of the water using chlorine disinfection, if excessive chlorine can produce a very pungent smell. 2、“ Taste & throughout; , try to drink a method: hot drink plain boiled water, with or without bleaching powder ( Chlorine) The smell of, if you can smell of bleach ( Chlorine) The smell of that tap water in the residual chlorine. 3、“ Product & throughout; Taste, methods: pour a cup of plain boiled water, taste the plain boiled water, taste have acerbity acerbity feeling, if there is water hardness is too high. 4、“ Hope & throughout; , directly observed with the naked eye, can use a transparent glass from her mouth filled with a glass of water, precipitation for three hours, and then observe the bottom sediment, if any, that the water suspended impurities too much. 5、“ Check & throughout; Check home water heater, KaiShuiHu, inside have a layer of yellow dirty, if some of the water quality is hard home water vessels will scale, namely we often say & other; Scale & throughout; 。 6、“ View & throughout; Watching water in a certain period of time in some situation, methods: use tap water, tea after overnight to see whether it has black tea, if the tea black, iron, manganese in tap water that exceeds bid badly. Above is the dongguan equipment of small make up for you on some methods about identifying the drinking water quality, hope to help you, more details in the website: WWW. cunanwater。 com
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