How to use ultraviolet disinfection lamps to disinfect the campus?

by:Tepro     2021-07-05
Entering the end of the semester, schools in various regions have already ushered in a holiday. Under the current new situation of epidemic prevention and control and when students are on vacation, it is very necessary to thoroughly disinfect the campus. Many schools use ultraviolet disinfection lamps to sterilize school classrooms, libraries, dining halls, dormitories and other areas to prevent potential viruses. Short-wave UVC ultraviolet disinfection lamps have been recognized as a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and completely non-secondary pollution disinfection method. But at the same time, the short-wave LED uv lamp is also a double-edged sword. Its anti-virus efficiency is high, but it can easily cause harm to the human body if used improperly. The harm of UVC germicidal ultraviolet lamps to the human body is mainly manifested in that UVC ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the naked skin and eyes of the human body. Therefore, how to use ultraviolet disinfection lamps reasonably and correctly to disinfect campuses is a very serious problem. In this regard, the Ministry of Education has also issued the corresponding holiday school disinfection and epidemic prevention guidelines. For campus classrooms, public venues, dining halls, medical rooms, libraries, etc., it should be based on the 'Administrative Measures for the Safe Use of Lamps in Primary and Secondary Schools and KindergartensUnder the guidance of relevant professional and technical personnel, use the ultraviolet disinfection lamp reasonably and correctly for disinfection. The specific requirements are as follows: 1. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp should have a warning light function to avoid misoperation. 2. The switch of the germicidal ultraviolet light must be set separately, and measures to prevent accidental opening should be taken. Keep a certain distance from the light switch. It is not allowed to discharge the ultraviolet disinfection light switch and the light switch side by side. 3. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp must be used indoors without people. During the disinfection, the classroom is closed and non-workers are prohibited from entering. 4. After the sterilization, the ultraviolet light should be turned off immediately, and the windows should be opened for ventilation. . Of course, there are now more user-friendly ultraviolet disinfection lamps with human body induction functions, such as the UV210 LED ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps manufactured by ultraviolet lamp manufacturers. This kind of deep ultraviolet disinfection lamp with human body infrared sensor module automatically goes out when the human body is detected, and automatically works when the person leaves, and can be fixed and disinfected at a fixed point. It can effectively avoid accidental injury and is very suitable for campus disinfection and sterilization application requirements.
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