How to use the uv flashlight find pet urine?

by:Tepro     2020-07-20

strong and smelly cat urine, but sometimes it's hard to find the stain! Fortunately, you don't have to be alone the nose can help you find the source of the smell. Please try to use the LUV - 100 uv flashlight ( Also known as a black light or ultraviolet light flashlight type) 。 If you are in the dark room light, cats urine is yellow or green, make you can easily see clearly need to clean the place. After finding spots, and urine enzyme cleaner!

first: buy or borrow - 365 Between the 385 nm uv flashlight. In order to obtain better results, it is recommended to use LUV - 100 strong uv flashlight. Its ultraviolet emission wavelength ratings should be 360 - Between 370 - nm, nm on behalf of the nano. Low band ultraviolet lamp will not be sufficient to light up the cat urine, high band with natural light is too similar to have no effect. You can also use the fluorescent tube type of uv lamp. As long as its wavelength in 360 - rated 370 nm, it will have effect, although the uv LED flashlight tend to be more strong.

step 2: wait until the evening, let a room as dark as possible. As far as possible to close all curtains and doors and Windows, but before trying to use uv flashlight, wait until it is dark outside observation effect will be better. When you are ready to start looking for it, please close the lights of the room and all the lights of the adjacent room or corridor. If the room is too dark, your eyes will not be able to detect light in the urine.

the third step: go to doubt urine area, and then open the LUV - 100 uv flashlight. Typically, NiaoBan will appear in the place where you can smell, though sometimes you have to look around to find it. In order to make the search more efficient, please where do you think the cat may urinate nearby began to search, and then search outward.

step 4: looking for a light yellow or neon green dot. When ultraviolet rays to urine, urine glows. According to the number and location of urine, stains may look like a speck, puddles, splash or dripping. For example, if your male cat sprayed water on the wall to mark their territory, it may seem like a splash, and there are a few drops of water flow along the wall. If the cat pee on the floor, you may see a large circular spots. Some cleaning products and other household materials ( Including the wallpaper glue) May be under uv flashlight shine, so when you open when the whole room light up when the uv flashlight, don't panic. Other substances, including some fluids and tonic water, also may shine. Using the spot position, size, shape, and to determine whether it is cat urine smell.

step 5: light back and forth, check all kinds of surface. The cat sometimes may urinate on different surface, so don't just check the floor. Slowly move the light from one side to the other side, along the wall and door frames, furniture at the top and side and check any bedding of the region. If not immediately find the stain, please slowly from the odor source to offshoring.

step 6: the edge of the marker stain, so that you know where I can find it. When the room lights to light up, stain can be hard to remember the exact size and shape. In order to make sure that you know exactly what should clean place, please use adhesive tape or things of chalk mark around the stain. If the stain and scattered, better in further cleaning besmirch, in order to avoid the stain and scattered, so don't worry about the edge is perfect or not. Just at the top of the stain, a small mark on the bottom and side to play, so that you can remember it.

step 7: try to find as soon as possible and cleaning besmirch. Is not always possible, but the sooner you remove the stain, the better your effect will be. If the smell of cat urine and cannot find the stain in the daytime, please try to use uv flashlight find the spots in the evening. A cat's urine will send out a strong smell after decomposition. Once the infiltration, will also be more difficult to clean.

with wet cloth blot stain. Soapy water have enough time to penetrate stains, please use a clean piece of wet cloth to wipe the area. Start work from the outside, in order to avoid cat urine out of its original spot. If you want to clean and not wet things, such as leather or wood, please skip the soak area, and then with a wet cloth to remove stains as much as possible, let this area is completely dry.

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