How to sterilize the ultraviolet ozone lamp

by:Tepro     2021-04-13
How to Sterilize and Sterilize Ultraviolet Ozone Lamp Ultraviolet light is a device that emits ultraviolet rays, with a wavelength in the range of 10~400nm. Ultraviolet disinfection is the use of wavelengths of ultraviolet rays to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in microbial cells, causing growth cell death and (or) regenerative cell death, in order to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Ultraviolet rays can kill various microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiae and mycoplasma, etc. All surfaces, water and air contaminated by the above microorganisms can be disinfected by ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays can effectively kill bacteria, but long-term direct exposure of the human body to ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes and skin, and even more serious diseases may occur. Therefore, it must be used when there are no people or pets indoors, and only after turning off the lights. Key point 02 Which is better with or without ozone? Ozone has a strong oxidizing effect, which can effectively kill bacteria, and its dispersibility also just compensates for the shortcomings of dead spots in disinfection caused by the transmission of ultraviolet rays along a straight line. A test report made by the Nanjing Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012 showed that it not only emits germicidal ultraviolet rays, but also increases the strong oxidation of ozone. The disinfection time is shorter, and the air can be purified in only 10-20 minutes. However, excessive ozone can irritate the respiratory tract, and the smell is relatively large. After the disinfection is completed, ventilation is required for at least 30 minutes. If consumers have sufficient disinfection time reserved, and are not afraid of relatively more cumbersome post-disinfection operations, they can choose ultraviolet lamps with ozone function, otherwise it is recommended to buy products without ozone function. For more information about UV ozone lamps, please click on
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