How to select the ultraviolet germicidal lamp for intelligent distribution robot?

by:Tepro     2021-03-05
During the COVID-19 period, in order to minimize human-to-human contact, many logistics, e-commerce, and catering companies have adopted zero-contact, UV-sterilized 'unmanned delivery' service solutions, which are particularly impressive. Especially during the period of epidemic prevention and control, 'no contact' delivery is achieved through the form of 'unmanned + uv light sterilizer' to minimize the risk of cross-infection between people.  In the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, the catering takeaway industry has quickly become an important way to support the resumption of work and production. Shenzhen Galaxy WORLD Park is the first to use cloud intelligent ultraviolet disinfection lamps and distribution robots, which effectively solves the difficulty of dining after the resumption of work by enterprises in the park, reduces the probability of infection in take-out distribution, reduces the risk of cross-infection in centralized dining, and provides convenient and rapid technological power for epidemic prevention and control.  Intelligent robots are no longer a rare thing in our lives, they have already existed. Under the influence of the epidemic, intelligent ultraviolet disinfection lamps and distribution robots quickly gained high attention in the wave of resumption of work. To a certain extent, they have opened up the last mile of production and life distribution, such as outsourcing, express delivery, and unmanned sales. Inspiring. This robot can independently plan the path, save manpower, and reduce cross-infection. The uv light sterilizer radiation illuminance value of the inside of the cabinet is ≥90uW/c㎡, which can effectively kill the inside of the cabinet and the delivered items. The unique feature of this machine is the sterilization 'blue technology' contained in it! Optoelectronics has cooperated with a number of intelligent robot companies to develop DC12V/DC24V DC safety voltage UV lamps suitable for intelligent UV disinfection and distribution robots. During the delivery process, the UV light source is intelligently turned on to sterilize the transported items. Realize contactless distribution and cut off cross-contamination. Why UV disinfection is called 'blue technologyCauses the death of growing cells and (or) regenerative cells to achieve the effect of sterilization.  Ultraviolet has an unparalleled killing effect on bacteria and viruses, and has become an effective sterilization measure in the field of sterilization. Science and technology has been working in the ultraviolet field for 11 years, actively responding to the call of the country and working together to prevent the epidemic. The scientific research team developed this DC12V/DC24V ultraviolet antivirus lamp dedicated to intelligent distribution robots under the background of big data analysis of epidemic prevention and control. This ultraviolet lamp has high radiation index, short sterilization time, high effective sterilization rate, and truly effective sterilization. Driven by the prevention and control of the epidemic, this type of ultraviolet lamp quickly gained great attention and became one of the core products of science and technology. In the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, the DC12V/DC24V UV lamp developed by science and technology is not only suitable for intelligent delivery robots, but also suitable for smart express boxes, take-out meal boxes, food machinery, and beer production lines with the support of big data. Sells coffee machines, juice machines, water quality analysis uv water purifier equipment, and blood virus inactivation fields.
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