How to select 2020 testing uv light?

by:Tepro     2020-07-25

in 2020, with the development of science and technology, testing the lamp also have new update, so how to choose enough testing ultraviolet lamp, 2020 will be held today for different testing scenario introduced with ultraviolet lamp, want to be able to engineer selection provide certain help for testing industry, if in doubt, can be directly contact with the road Yang Shanghai company.

for workshop inspection ultraviolet lamp

inspection in the workshop or in a dark room with ac power, it is recommended to use ac power supply of the ultraviolet lamp, recommend LUYOR - models 3103 p, LUYOR - 3103 p ultraviolet lamp is a type of economy LED testing light, adopted three 365 - nm high-power ultraviolet leds and small Angle lens condenser, uv intensity at 38 cm 5000 uw/cm2, the effective diameter is 150 mm; LUYOR - 3105 is a uv light LED high intensity ultraviolet (uv) light, adopted five 365 - nm high-power ultraviolet leds and small Angle lens focusing, uv intensity at 38 cm 8000 uw/cm2, the effective diameter is 200 mm, suitable for testing the quality requirements of customers.

large workpiece and the equipment in service inspection

with ultraviolet lamp for large workpiece inspection and in service equipment, if you use ac supply ultraviolet lamp is special trouble, the company is recommended to use LUYOR - L and LUYOR - 365 3105D,LUYOR- 365 l is a flashlight type ultraviolet lamp, LUYOR - 365 l were lighter and for special industry in service pressure vessel, wind power equipment, nuclear power equipment testing special convenient, LUYOR - 3-365 l is full of electricity can be continuous work 4 hours. LUYOR - 3105 d is a plug-in high intensity ultraviolet lamp, LUYOR - 3105 d in 38 cm ultraviolet intensity of 8000 uw/cm2, the effective diameter of 200 mm; LUYOR - 3105 d built-in high capacity lithium battery pack, 6 - full of electricity can be continuous work 8 hours, is suitable for the customer for inspection quality requirements.

air test, steel structure or narrow place inspection with ultraviolet lamp

inspection for narrow place, need small ultraviolet lamp, Yang LUYOR - the road 3180 flashlight type ultraviolet lamp is a miniature ultraviolet lamp, LUYOR - 3180 only 160 mm in length, can easily in overalls pocket inside, meet the work in a very narrow place, such as the plane leaves, landing gear and other parts of the examination.

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