How to put the tank sterilization lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-03-11
To see a lot of friends on the Internet that the germicidal lamp is - decoration, there is no practical effect. Actually otherwise, if used correctly, the sterilization lamp for the benefits of the fish tank is very much! Now let's look at the sterilization lamp sterilization principle. Germicidal lamp is actually belong to one low pressure mercury lamp. Low pressure mercury lamp is to use low mercury vapor pressure ( In points to note: when using the tank sterilization lamp, sterilization lamp can not directly put in the tank, also cannot put together and filtering equipment. Because it will hurt the fish, also can kill the nitrifying bacteria in fish tank. Germicidal lamp had better put in fish tank outlet, is to let the water before filtering after sterilization lamp, and then filtered equipment. We are one of the most common on the bottom of the filter tank next to the water pump, it also has a certain effect. Conditional should also give a tank sterilization lamp with a low power pumps, try to get all the water in the tank after sterilization lamp, such ability can be the most effective to remove the algae from the play its sterilization effect. Second, tank sterilization lamp need not is open 24 hours a day, fish tank water quality is very poor, can use open 2 hours every day. Fish tank water quality is not very serious condition, use 30 - every time 45 minutes. Open for a long time will have effects on beneficial bacteria in fish tank. Third, if the tank is put in the potions fish disease treatment, please close the tank sterilization lamp use. This is done to avoid ultraviolet (uv) and drug adverse reaction. Four, tank sterilization lamp please do not use the eyes to stare, otherwise you will be hurt. There is a case: in June 2017 fish pond I have here a master to help customers to install sterilization lamp, because in the debug circuit, there is no closed sterilization lamp switch. So opened and closed a few minutes of time, the eyes of the master is sick, for nearly half an hour, his eyes began to severe pain, does not stop the tears, eyes can't break down, see a little light is very afflictive. Then our another colleague to send it to the hospital immediately, finally the 2 days, 2 days can't see the light. Even the phone's screen a little light can't! This is really the case. Is almost with the experience and lessons of eyes! So say uv germicidal lamp is very severe, everyone must pay attention to the protection of the eyes when using. Don't be parts of the body and eyes! Of course, also have a lot of fakes on the market, in order to reduce costs, aquarium germicidal lamp is very, very poor quality, can be bright, but almost no uv light please identify carefully when buy. Here can recommend morning proud shield production of fish tank sterilization lamp, the effect is very good. Five, the service life of the tank sterilization lamp usually is 6000 - 8000 hours, nearly a year. Use almost a full year, it is recommended that you change as soon as possible, avoid the water quality is bad, affect the health of the fish survival. Germicidal lamps in use after a year, although it is still bright, but basically has no effect. Tank sterilization lamp there are many kinds of style, with a solitary lamp, independent, with water pump can meet the water pump, also has a plugin. Here recommend when the choose and buy the most main consideration whether appropriate oneself the placement of the tank. At the same time, also do not want too showed, can't say no good cheap goods, but good product certainly is not too cheap. We buy the sterilization lamp goal is to play its role, rather than an ornament. In general, the tank sterilization lamp is a practical things. Is much better than the old giving fish, only upfront investment, although medicine is sick. But, it is medicine is toxic, especially a lot of people don't understand, the remedy to the case of blindly, causing the fish problem worse. Keep a good living environment, good water quality can be greatly reduced the incidence of fish, the fish tank sterilization lamp is undoubtedly improve the quality of the water, can kill the bacteria floating in the water, the algae also have special effects. On that for an hour, and every day is of great help to the water. Another germicidal lamp is to disinfect water directly, will not be much of an impact to the fish tank biological filtration system. This is all the sterilization potions can't than.
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