How to maintain a long time without use pure water machine equipment?

by:Tepro     2020-12-11
About how to maintain a long time without use pure water machine equipment? We should adopt measures to maintain, uv water purifier machine below small make up for you to discuss about; A, cleaning membrane element in the alkaline water reuse equipment system. Second, the output water quality compound antiseptic liquid, and antiseptic liquid washing equipment system. Three, with disinfection liquid full of equipment system, close the relevant valves make antiseptic liquid reserves in the system, at this time should be confirmed system completely. Fourth, if the system temperature below 27 ℃, should every other month in the new disinfection liquid for the first two steps, if the system temperature is higher than 27 ℃, it should be replaced every half a month a disinfection liquid. Five, the alkaline water reuse equipment system to be put into use before, with low pressure washing system of feed water for an hour, for 5 minutes and then rinse with high pressure water supply system, low pressure flushing or high pressure flushing, system produced water drain valve shall be opened entirely. Before the system normal operation, check and confirm the product of the water does not contain any fungicide. Above the protective measures of uv water purifier machine, in the hope that this article is helpful to you! Focus on water treatment website: WWW. cunanwater。 Com and learn more knowledge
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