How to judge whether the UV lamp is qualified

by:Tepro     2021-06-17
Ultraviolet tube is a tube made by using the special function of ultraviolet light. It is widely used in bamboo and wood flooring, furniture, decoration materials, printing, iron-printing cans, plastic coating, signs, circuit boards, CDs and other industries. The main function is for sterilization and disinfection, oil fume purification, sewage treatment, waste gas treatment, etc. In judging whether the quality of the UV lamp is qualified, the following steps are required. First, install the ultraviolet lamp on the measuring rack and indicate the vertical center position of the lamp under the irradiation table. The distance between the lamp and the irradiation table can be adjusted up and down to achieve the specified irradiation intensity during the test. Turn on the ultraviolet lamp, wait for five minutes, the lamp is stable, and adjust the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation at the center test point of the irradiation platform under the lamp according to the intensity indicated on the standard color block on the indicator card. At this time, the illuminance is required. The meter performs the measurement for the subsequent irradiation test. Secondly, during the irradiation test, the discolored area of u200bu200bthe indicator card was irradiated on the measuring rack. Every ten indicator cards is a group, each group is illuminated for one minute, and each intensity is illuminated for three groups, for a total of 30 indicator cards. After irradiation, immediately observe the irradiated indicator card with the naked eye, and compare the color of the color block in the color change area with the color of the corresponding standard color block. At the same time, use an illuminance meter to measure the intensity of ultraviolet radiation to check the result of the indicator card. When the matching rate between the color block in the color changing area and the standard color block, as well as the test result of the indicator card and the measurement result of the illuminance meter exceeds 90%, it can be judged as qualified. The above is about the relevant introduction of the several steps to determine whether the UV lamp is qualified. It is recommended that our customers can choose a relatively large lamp manufacturer to purchase, so that the product quality and after-sales can be guaranteed.
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