How to judge the quality of the electromagnetic lock of the disinfection cabinet

by:Tepro     2021-05-13
How to judge the quality of the electromagnetic lock of the disinfection cabinet Many people are afraid of buying inferior products when buying the electromagnetic lock of the disinfection cabinet, but they don't know how to judge the quality. Today I will teach you how to avoid buying inferior products;    first, choose A brand with a good reputation and an authoritative certification: The specificity of the disinfection cabinet kills the object, which makes it difficult to identify with the naked eye. Therefore, many small factories are shoddy, and the quality of brand enterprises is guaranteed. As for various certifications, such as National authoritative institutions such as the Ministry of Health and the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association have relatively complete and scientific testing procedures and uv water purifier equipment, and their testing results can basically represent the quality and technical level of an enterprise’s products.  Second, the quality of the product must be carefully tested: Generally, stainless steel is the best for the inner tank and the bowl rack, and aluminum is the second. It is necessary to choose products with good thermal insulation effect, which can shorten the working time and save energy.  The heat preservation effect depends on the quality of the 'foaming' material. You can hit the inner tank with your hands. The foaming technology is good, it has a strong feeling when knocked, and there should be no hollow sound. Generally good foaming materials use polyurethane as raw material.  Turn on the power, press the switches one by one, observe the ozone discharge status, whether the infrared quartz tube heating can work normally, and listen to the continuous uniformity of the discharge sound of the ozone generator. Then check the power-off switch (anti-leakage device) for opening and closing the door, and the door opening and closing test can be repeated many times.   Only a well-sealed disinfection cabinet can ensure the ozone concentration or the temperature of the disinfection room to achieve the disinfection effect. A small thin piece of hard paper can be taken during the test. If it can be easily inserted into the seam of the disinfection cabinet door, it proves that the cabinet door is not tightly sealed.   Third, choose products with complete after-sales service: Good after-sales service is also the key to choice. The quality of under-branded products bought cheaply is often not good enough, and the after-sales service commitment is even more empty talk. Fourth, choose products according to the kitchen design: flat and linear shapes should be the main ones, and there should be no too many bumps and arcs; the color should be mainly light-colored single-color, and there should be no too many colors or large contrasts. The color affects the visual effect of the entire kitchen.   The above four points are the summary of the editor,
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