How to guarantee the effect of ultraviolet radiation sterilization

by:Tepro     2020-07-21

nowadays more and more places begin using the sterilization lamp, but many people don't know what is the principle? Is mainly through the characteristics of light at the time of light can emit strong ultraviolet ray, under such circumstances, how to ensure the effect of ultraviolet germicidal lamp? This is the key, if can hold to this knowledge, you can play a more powerful effect.

the first, when installing bulb to avoid surface with dirt, this is very important. Because the surface of the dirty things could lead to cover, there is no way to exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, or is weakened to some extent, so must be cleaning the light bulb, and is regularly to clean, can play a more effective role.

second, at ordinary times more to pay attention to the maintenance for uv germicidal lamp, prevent quartz parts can illuminate the effect, sufficient to ensure there have no effect in the process of using. When need to go to see if can maintain the long-term effect is one of the most important part!

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