How to extend the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp life?

by:Tepro     2020-04-24
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp use time longer, can cause certain influence to the lamp, if more than twelve thousand hours will need to be replaced immediately, but also has the use of time is relatively long, the longest can achieve a year or two and a half years, the life has a lot to do with the method of use correctly or not, here mainly introduce some of the ways to prolong the life time of the uv lamp. Extend the life of the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp method first to avoid too frequently reduce uv germicidal lamp to start the cycle of light, the beginning is probably a uv lamp in the light, when the internal voltage is very low. Will produce a large amount of tungsten on both ends of the tube, which leads to the generation of pollutants, it is often not make the reason of the tubes, so make sure when to open lamp under high pressure, reduce the use of time, not only this is early to black on both ends of the device, black will eventually be a complete set of equipment, so professionals recommend a light as far as possible to finish all the work. The second check clean reflector and uv lamp cooling system I think any a water treatment company hopes to keep the uv lamp and the maximum power of the machine, if use the lamp working temperature is too high, will lead to lower working voltage. So regular cleaning can be a very good filter to improve the processing environment. Third use time to install the lamp in order to increase the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp, lamp before installation to ensure that careful read the installation instructions, the best cleaning method is to use alcohol to clean tube, to ensure cleanliness. During operation, the device will appear after uv lamp heated inflation, so need special stress is that when installation shoulds not be too tight.
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