How To Ensure UV Sterilization

How To Ensure UV Sterilization


More and more places are using sterilizing lamps, but many people don't know how It is mainly through the characteristics of the lamp when it is bright can emit strong ultraviolet light, in this case, how can you ensure that the ultraviolet sterilization of the lamp? This is very critical, if you can grasp the knowledge of this aspect, then it can play a more powerful effect.

First, it is very important to avoid dirt on the surface of the bulb when installing it. Because the dirty thing of the surface layer is covered, bring about ultraviolet ray to come out probably without method illuminate, perhaps be to abate on certain level, because this must clean bulb, and it is time to clean, ability can have more effective effect. 

Second, at ordinary times to pay attention to the maintenance of ultraviolet sterilization lamp, prevent the quartz part of the effect of irradiation, sufficient to ensure that there is no effect in the use of the process. When needed, it is important to observe whether the long-term effect can be maintained.

Tepro-How To Ensure Uv Sterilization

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