How to ensure that normal uv sterilizer sterilization effect

by:Tepro     2020-04-23
With the continuous improvement of living standards, the ultraviolet ray disinfector equipment application is more and more widely in our daily life. But the manufacturing process, using method and the factors such as service life, often can cause uv sterilizer to reach a predetermined sterilization effect. This requires our best can carry on the effective monitoring to the intensity of uv light, how can achieve the function of ultraviolet irradiation meter lack? Ensure proper sterilization effect of uv disinfector method is the key element of a we all know that disinfects water with uv light uv disinfector radiation 253. 7 nm wavelength ultraviolet intensity. Ultraviolet irradiation can meter based on ultraviolet wavelengths ( 253. 7海里) Accept the components, the choice of specific photosensitive element ( By light) , when the light by ultraviolet light, the light signal into electrical signal, by amplifying transmission, displayed on the instrument to electrical signal or digital signal, which is the working principle of ultraviolet irradiation meter. Ultraviolet irradiation meter application analysis: according to the national standards, the new factory 30 w uv lamp in the middle of the bottom vertical radiation intensity should be 1 m place & ge; 90μ W/cm2 before factory. Ultraviolet irradiation gauge is mainly used for lamp test for the new factory, manufacturers can examine luxmeter factory all kinds of uv lamp. Hospital when buying a new bulb for the acceptance test, will not accord with a standard bulb repel; Using the periodic testing of the tube in general for detecting tube in use once every quarter, the radiation intensity is less than 70 & mu; W/cm lamp replacement. lamp classification: the uv lamp is mainly divided into three kinds, respectively is UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is currently the industry as well as the life of use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp ( 253. 7海里) , is one of the most common kind of us. Detect ultraviolet sterilization is to use the corresponding bands of UVC ultraviolet irradiation. Different power have different service life: general high power uv lamp after 8000 hours, average uv lamp power will fell to 70% after 3000 hours, then it should be replaced. Domestic standard is: 30 w the tube radiation intensity & ge; 90 uw/cm2 for qualified; Used in the radiation intensity should be & ge; 70uw/cm2。 Less than the standard has to be replaced. In the process of using ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity will gradually reduce, so often should use ultraviolet irradiation meter measuring the intensity of the ultraviolet disinfection, once fall below the strength requirements; It should be replaced in a timely manner. The service life of uv lamp, that is, by the strength of the new lamp to reduce to 70 uw/cm2 time ( Power & ge; 30 w) The lamp, or reduced to 70% of the original new light intensity ( Power & lt; 30 w = time, should be not less than 1000 h) 。 Since SARS uv lamp has been widely used in our country, in this year's outbreak of H7N9 uv light sterilizer equipment also plays a role which cannot be ignored. In our common life, use uv light sterilizer is necessary. is frequently in our daily life, can come into contact with the most common hospital use ultraviolet light to illuminate antivirus, often used for disinfection of food safety and water treatment. Using ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet disinfection will have access to ultraviolet radiation meter is used to detect the radiation intensity of ultraviolet disinfection, ensure that reach the standard of sterilization effect.
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