How to detect the radiation intensity of ultraviolet disinfection lamps

by:Tepro     2021-06-23
The radiation intensity of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp plays an important role in the disinfection effect of the disinfection lamp. This is because the inactivation of viruses and pathogenic bacteria is accomplished by a certain amount of UV dose. The ultraviolet dose is affected by the radiation intensity and the action time of the UVC ultraviolet disinfection lamp. Therefore, whether it is a traditional ultraviolet disinfection lamp or an LED ultraviolet disinfection lamp, users must pay attention to the ultraviolet radiation intensity of the disinfection lamp. Today we will take a look at how the ultraviolet lamp manufacturer detects the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp. There are generally two methods for ultraviolet lamp manufacturers to detect the radiation intensity of ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps: ①Using an ultraviolet irradiator to detect: the specific method is under the environment of household voltage 220V±5V, normal temperature 20℃~25℃, and relative humidity <60% . Start the UVC ultraviolet lamp for 5 minutes, then turn on the ultraviolet irradiator and place it in the vertical position directly below the uv lamp. The irradiation distance depends on the different power and ultraviolet radiation intensity. Refer to the instruction manual of this model of LED ultraviolet disinfection lamp. Read the value when the irradiator meter value is stable. It should be noted that the UV irradiator is best calibrated by the authoritative metrology department every year to reduce errors. ②Using the ultraviolet intensity indicator card: After the low-pressure mercury ultraviolet disinfection lamp is preheated for 5 minutes, the indicator card color block is placed under the center of the ultraviolet lamp and irradiated for 1 minute. The irradiation distance depends on the requirements of different types of low-pressure mercury UVC ultraviolet lamps. Then compare the color block irradiated by the ultraviolet lamp with the standard color block. Take 70µw/cm² as the reference value, and the value greater than or equal to this value is considered qualified. The above is the method that the professional UV lamp manufacturer TANK007 shared with you on how the UV lamp manufacturer detects the radiation intensity of the UV disinfection lamp. I hope it can help you. The UV lamp manufacturer TANK007 is located in Guangdong Province. The company's main products are: UV germicidal lamps, UV disinfection lamps, 365/395 UV flashlights, strong LED flashlights and a series of products. The company has more than 20 years of flashlight manufacturing experience, and has won a good reputation in many fields such as outdoor, military and police tactics, security, industry, identification and survey, medical treatment, office, etc., and has also become a stable supplier of many world top brands.
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