How to detect the intensity of ultraviolet lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-03-09
Use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be in 3 ~ 6 months with ultraviolet radiation intensity of illumination apparatus for a test, using ultraviolet radiation intensity of illumination apparatus as a measurement calibration, to maintain the accuracy and found that the intensity of unqualified tubes to change in time. With our chemical indicator card detection methods to detect, 1, open the uv lamp 5 minutes later, the chemical card on vertical distance 1 m under uv light, chemical indicator CARDS patterned side up; 2, uv lamp irradiation for 1 minute, Chemical card will have different color changes) ; 3, the color of indicator card and compare it with the standard color piece, and then read the irradiation intensity. The testing results of the 10 w, for example: 1, the new uv germicidal lamp uv illumination not less than 30 uw/cm for qualified; 2, if is the use of ultraviolet lamp shall be not less than 20 uw/cm for qualified. Ultraviolet light disinfection of note: 1, the application of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, people and animals and plants must leave on the spot. 2, application of ultraviolet disinfection lamp to pay more attention to do well the safety protection, eyes can never look at ultraviolet light, or eyes will hurt. 3, ultraviolet disinfection lamp bulb surface should be clean, no dust, with 95% alcohol cotton swab once every week, and it is best to do a good job in record. 4, with ultraviolet disinfection lamp sterilizing objects, objects will be open or offline, direct expansion. 5, the application of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, should keep natural environment clean, gas can not have dust and mist, cleaning should stay on the road after the road again after dry manic ultraviolet light disinfection. 6, after the application of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, remember first natural ventilation after period of time again into the room. 7, to the time of ultraviolet disinfection lamp must carry out record, ultraviolet disinfection lamp bulb lasts for 1000 hours. 8, compressive strength with uv light labeled card on time of ultraviolet disinfection lamp uv compressive strength to carry out the inspection.
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