How to choose uv sterilizer

by:Tepro     2020-04-26
First people to understand in a circulating water system, uv type power output, circulating water flow and water transmissivity of UV254 is harmful uv light sterilizer effect of three key elements. Choose the quality of the uv sterilizer tip enterprise uv output power, the greater the anti-bacterial effect is higher; The greater the flow of water quality based on uv sterilizer, total aseptic actual effect increased; UV254 transmission rate, the greater the antibacterial effect is higher. Usage must be under the condition of water yield in uv light, strains of bacteria, virus, algae and other microorganisms touch uv than relative time, somatic cells will be destroyed, microbial species will be wiped out. The characteristics of water features water critical considering the ultraviolet transmittance ( UVT) For water, water UVT decided to uv light through the levels, the pathogen of water must touch the abundance of shortwave ultraviolet light, can be completely inactivated, with calcite ivf collecting water samples, then make 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet technology according to the water, will be able to confirm water UVT. Quartz uv germicidal lamp installation considerations when using quartz uv germicidal lamp with good disinfection sterilization function, in the water treatment industry and furniture has been widely applied in the daily disinfection. Many users are blindly use ultraviolet germicidal lamp, the installation and use it to pay attention to the following: 1, uv lamp fixed point in the lamp holder, end not suspension force when lit. Part 2, cannot use touch lamp glow, avoid scald. Ethanol is wiped clean of tube before installation, then wear clean gloves took tubes. 3, prevent ultraviolet (uv) radiation, ultraviolet ray has strong power to the bacteria, also has certain harm to human body, and start disinfection lamp, should avoid direct exposure to the human body, can use safety glasses when necessary, shall not directly use eyes to light source, so as not to burn eye film. 4, at the end of the work, shut off the power tube temperature is still high at this time, the best cooling until room temperature is reached to restart tubes. 5, it is strictly prohibited to frequent start the uv lamp, especially in a short period of time, to ensure that the uv lamp life. 6, regular cleaning: according to the situation of water quality, uv lamp and quartz glass tube need regular cleaning, wipe with alcohol cotton ball or gauze with test tubes, remove dirt rub-up, quartz glass tube is so as not to affect the uv transmittance, bactericidal effect and influence. Mentioned above is chengdu ultraviolet germicidal lamp that should be paid attention to while using and installation time, in order to avoid unnecessary damage, please keep in mind the above points.
germicidal lamp uv sterilization lamp has gained a lot of popularity over the recent past.
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