How to choose Shenzhen ballast reasonably

by:Tepro     2021-06-16
Ballast is an indispensable uv water purifier equipment for gas discharge lamps, which has the characteristics of energy saving, reliability and stable performance. The poor quality of the ballast has a great impact on the quality of lighting and lighting energy efficiency. When choosing a ballast, you must choose a good quality ballast. Today I will show you how to choose a reasonable ballast. 1. The selection of the ballast is in accordance with the requirements of architectural lighting design regulations. For straight fluorescent lamps, electronic ballasts or energy-saving inductive ballasts should be used. For metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, energy-saving inductive ballasts should be used. Device. In short, traditional ballasts with very large power consumption cannot be used. 2. The energy efficiency factor of the ballast The energy efficiency factor value is a parameter to measure the energy efficiency of the ballast, but the energy efficiency factor is not very intuitive, and the energy efficiency of the ballast can be seen through conversion. We have formulated the energy efficiency standards for the ballasts of three types of gas discharge lamps, which are evaluated by the numerical value of the energy efficiency factor. 3. Comparison of energy efficiency of ballasts. Comparison of energy efficiency of energy-saving inductive ballasts and electronic ballasts for straight tube fluorescent lamps: Because the electronic ballasts for straight tube fluorescent lamps use high-frequency currents of several tens of kilohertz to supply the lamp tube, The luminous efficiency is about 10% higher than that of the power frequency, and its own power consumption is smaller. Therefore, the use of linear fluorescent lamp electronic ballasts has higher system energy efficiency than energy-saving inductive ballasts. How to choose a reasonable ballast? From the above points, we know that when choosing a ballast, you can choose according to the energy efficiency factor and specification requirements of the ballast. The conversion method of the energy efficiency factor value will be introduced to everyone in the future, welcome to pay attention to it in time
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