How to choose a UV lamp

by:Tepro     2021-06-16
Ultraviolet lamp is a kind of more commonly used disinfection and sterilization tool, which has a strong disinfection and sterilization effect. Ultraviolet lamp disinfection and sterilization is an important way for many factories to disinfect and sterilize the workshop, and it is widely used. So how do we choose when we buy UV lamps? Today I will introduce to you. First of all, when we choose the ultraviolet lamp, we must check the fluorescent coating of the product. Observe whether the fluorescent coating layer is uniform, which is related to the sterilization and disinfection effect of the product. We have to choose those products with uniform phosphor coating, and pay attention to observe whether there is any phenomenon of depowdering, and products with no falling off phosphor are the best. Secondly, when we use it at home, we will find that when the lamp is lit, the red and black lamps at both ends of the lamp are not very good, which will affect the normal use of the lamp. The same is true for ultraviolet lamps. When choosing, we must observe the lighting conditions of the lamps. Those products with red or black at both ends are resolutely not. Once again, when we purchase, we must pay attention to the power on the product. In addition to observing the color of the two ends of the lamp, you can also observe the light-emitting state of the lamp. Those products with uniform light emission and no wave or stripe shape are high-quality ultraviolet lamp products, and they are also our choice. Finally, when we select products, we also need to use professional uv water purifier equipment for radiation evaluation. The higher the radiation intensity, the better the sterilization effect of the product, and the better the quality of such products. Therefore, we have to choose those products with high radiation intensity. In summary, although the use of ultraviolet lamps greatly facilitates our sterilization and disinfection work, it is not a simple matter to purchase ultraviolet lamps. We not only need to observe whether the fluorescent layer of the lamp is evenly coated, but also observe The luminous condition of the lamp tube in the energized state, and at the same time, the radiation intensity of it must be measured with professional uv water purifier equipment. Only in this way can we choose high-quality UV lamp products to do a good job of disinfection and sterilization.
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