How to avoid the harm of ultraviolet light to human body?

by:Tepro     2021-07-13
The uv lamp is an ultraviolet lamp with a wavelength between (200nm-280nm). Because the human body is directly exposed to UVC wavelength ultraviolet light, it will cause skin and eye damage, such as excessive exposure of the human body to ultraviolet disinfection lamps can cause skin burns, electro-optic ophthalmia, etc. How to deal with the ultraviolet lamp when it is used for daily disinfection to avoid harm to the human body. 1. When using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, unrelated persons should be notified to evacuate the disinfection area to avoid direct exposure of ultraviolet rays to human skin and eyes, and of course, to avoid direct exposure to pets or plants. 2. What harm will the human body suffer from adequate doses of UVC ultraviolet rays? Short-wave ultraviolet radiation can cause skin redness and cause allergic pimples in the human body for a short time; long-term exposure of the human body to UVC ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps will cause serious damage to the skin tissues, and even cause skin cancer. Excessive ultraviolet radiation, especially short-term high-dose radiation, can cause red and swollen eyes, tearing, and blindness. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts and even blindness. TANK007 UV lamp engineers found that the shorter the wavelength of UVC ultraviolet rays, the lower the ability of ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin. These shorter-wave ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the top layer of the skin, and the damage to the actively dividing skin cells underneath is minimized. Studies have found that in the case of wavelengths below 225nm (far ultraviolet region), the exposure of ultraviolet rays to the skin seems to be safe, and its dose is also lower than the exposure level specified by the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. At present, the manufacturers of TANK007 ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp are working hard to overcome the 222nm wavelength ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp, while ensuring the disinfection ability, minimize the harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body.
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