How to apply in industrial water treatment ultraviolet sterilization technology

by:Tepro     2020-04-26
Reduce the TOC, remove organic matter from water is a commonly used method currently include the use of activated carbon and reverse osmosis. Degradable organic carbon of uv system the amount of uv radiation is three to four times more traditional disinfection system. Shorter wavelength of ultraviolet ray also can effectively reduce the amount of total organic carbon. Shorter wavelength of ultraviolet ray has more energy, so can break down organic matter. Application of uv light sterilizer technology processing industrial water sterilization and disinfection. principle is to use 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet light damage the DNA of a cell, prevent cell regeneration, the loss of regenerative capacity make it harmless bacteria, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization. Like all other uv application technology, the system depends on the size of the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation ( The strength and power of the lamp) And the contact time ( With air or water, liquid, the duration of exposure to ultraviolet light) 。 Ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology was chosen as one of the three major technology in the 21st century. At present, the main applications in the field of uv technology in water and wastewater is a sterilization, many industries are in its application to water treatment system, ozone and ultraviolet ray technology in industry to eliminate and reduce the TOC, disinfection liquid sugar, cooling tower also recognized excellence of disinfection, etc. Liquid sugar disinfection. Most of the food and beverage manufacturers are heavily used liquid sugar, because sugar is easy to use of food by bacteria, so it is easy to make bacteria breeding. In addition, the liquid sugar is opaque, so it is difficult to sterilize. 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet can be used in the disinfection of liquid sugar products. The close combination with uv light emitter can provide the required amount of uv radiation is very high, which can effective disinfection liquid sugar. The degradation of residual chlorine. In the process of industrial production, in order to avoid adverse impact on the product, to remove the residual chlorine in the water often is necessary before processing. If you use activated carbon to deal with its drawback is that it requires constant regeneration, and often encountered the problem of bacterial growth. 185 nm and 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet (uv) have been demonstrated to effectively destroy the residual chlorine. Advantage of ultraviolet ray does not need to add any drugs into the water, don't need to store chemicals, but also the role of sterilization and removal of organic matter. Uv disinfection sterilization purification system cooling tower. In order to reduce the cost of the biocide and chemical processing and its harm to health, uv system can be installed in the cooling tower water circulation system in order to have the effect of sterilization. If and filters were used, ultraviolet ray can effectively control the growth of microorganisms in the cooling tower. Although the cooling tower, still need to keep certain biocide concentration in the application of ultraviolet radiation can be greatly reduced its usage. Surface and air disinfection. Air disinfection equipment for hospitals, clinics and purification room for many years history. At present, factories, offices and homes that are beginning to use air disinfection equipment, principle and water and sanitation. Usually, the lamp can be installed in the air line, located in the front end of the coil, or installed in the shelf fixed to the wall. When air passes through, the microbes were killed in the air and become harmless. The principle of surface disinfection and so on. In the food and beverage industry, products on the conveyor belt is composed of surface disinfection disinfection equipment.
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