How pure water equipment fault diagnosis?

by:Tepro     2020-11-19
Purified water device after operation for a long period of time will be dirt, microorganism, metal oxide pollution, these pollutants deposited on the membrane surface of pure uv water purifier unrecoverable damage. Therefore, also cause equipment easily out of order. Pure uv water purifier failure should be how to diagnosis? Hope: through observation of the eyes, the user can find many details, such as the color change of the transparent tube ( Red represents iron scale, red for calcium scale, blue represents copper scale, a film on behalf of the silicon scale or activated carbon, on behalf of algae pollution green moss, translucent stick-slip systems caused by biological loam) Qualitative, through the observation to malfunction. Smell: the smell, the user can find various odor information (after the removal of equipment Biological pollution of stench and residual chlorine excessive after excitant odour, reducing agent no smell after long time not to replace the failure) Secondary fault qualitative information by smell. Q: careful questioning on operating personnel: the change tendency of the operation data, the cycle of chemical cleaning, chemical cleaning process details, data changes before and after cleaning, and according to the data record run data trend analysis diagram drawing, by running the accurate qualitative trend analysis to the system malfunction. Split: remove the membrane element can directly observe the actual circumstances of the membrane shell inner wall, can through the weighing real evaluation of fault after the weight of the membrane element and membrane element standard difference, through the weight difference accurate quantitative data to the system fault degree.
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