How often does the UV lamp need to be replaced?

by:Tepro     2021-04-22
How often does the UV lamp need to be replaced?    Say, 'How often does the UV lamp need to be replaced?'    As a worker who has been engaged for many years, I tell you that it is best to change the UV lamp once a year because of the selected lamp model. It has a lot to do with the brand. When purchasing UV lamps, the supplier is required to provide the manufacturer and product qualification certificate. If disinfection is generally done with domestic low power [800-1000H].    Notes during use:   1 When turning on the ultraviolet disinfection lamps, people should not stay in the disinfection area.    2. Keep the lamp tube clean and dust-free, and clean and wipe the lamp tube on time every week.    3. The distance between the ultraviolet lamp tube and the disinfection 'object' should not exceed one meter, and use irradiation The surface of the 'thing' is directly irradiated to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.    4. Normally, indoor air disinfection should be kept in a clean and dust-free environment. The requirement is not less than 1.5W, the irradiation time is not less than 30 minutes, and the ultraviolet lamp The distance between the tube and the ground is not less than 2m.    5. Do not touch the tube with your hands when it is turned off, because keeping the cooling time above is the summary of how often does the UV tube need to be replaced?
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