How many uv lamp 36 watt are produced by Tepro per month?
The monthly capacity of Tepro (China) Co., Ltd.uv lamp fluctuates from various seasons. During the peak season, our products experience sales growth for the excellent performance and favorable price compared to other similar products. During the rest of the time, we've been focusing on optimizing crafts and technology to further enlarge the production capacity.

Teprois familiar to many people at home and abroad for its high quality uv lamp tube. The uv sunlight lamp series is one of the main products of Tepro. The quality of Teprouv water purifier price is guaranteed. It undergoes a field site test to check its sunlight absorptivity, energy storage as well as its energy utilization. Its drying systems are equipped with aluminum reflectors. The product is in highly demand in the international market. It is well adapted for applications such as air cooling and heating systems.

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