How long is the service life of the UV lamp?

by:Tepro     2021-04-23
How long is the service life of the ultraviolet lamp? ①In the 'Medical Institution Disinfection Technology' released in 2012: C.6.2.1 The uv lamp radiates 253.7nm ultraviolet light when the voltage is 220V, the relative humidity is 60%, and the temperature is 20°C. The strength (strength in use) should not be less than 70μW/cm2. C.6.2.2 The radiation intensity of disinfection ultraviolet rays should be monitored regularly. When the radiation intensity is lower than the required value, it should be replaced in time. C.6.2.3 The service life of the uv lamp, that is, the time from the intensity of the new lamp to 70μW/cm2 (power≥30W), or the time to reduce to 70% of the original intensity of the new lamp (power<30W), should Not less than 1000h. The UV lamp production unit should provide the actual service life. ② In the 'Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp' in GB19258-2012: 5.10 The average life of the lamp should not be less than 5000h. The maintenance rate of ultraviolet radiation flux at 2000h is not less than 85%, and the maintenance rate of ultraviolet radiation flux at the end of life is not less than 65%. ③'Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer Safety and Hygiene Standard' (GB28235-2011) requires that the effective life of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be ≥1000h. Normally, the life of the ultraviolet lamp of the air sterilizer is 5000-8000h. The replacement of the UV lamp does not depend on the cumulative exposure time. As long as the UV intensity is 70µw/㎝² and above, it is effective.
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