How long does UV Sterilizer Lamp disinfect ability go in

How long does UV Sterilizer Lamp disinfect ability go in


UV Sterilizer Lamp can be used at disinfection, when using UV Sterilizer Lamp disinfection, should close undertake, after disinfection should open door window window ventilated, after that UV Sterilizer Lamp disinfection how long should ability go in?

UV Sterilizer Lamp

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It is best to enter the room 2 hours after UV Sterilizer Lamp is disinfected

UV Sterilizer Lamp can be effective sterilization, when using UV Sterilizer Lamp, the room is not allowed to be someone, usually the time of disinfection 30 minutes to 1 hour. After the UV Sterilizer Lamp is turned off, can enter a room normally, because it is the ray that irradiate kills bacterium, and the ray is turned off without what harm.

However, after disinfection, the room is easy to have a pungent smell, so it is best two hours after the ventilation into the room.

The disinfection distance of UV Sterilizer Lamp

The distance from the UV Sterilizer Lamp to the roof should not be more than 1.5m, and the distance from the ground should not be more than 2.5m, and the distance from the sterilized object is about 1m. The effective disinfection area is 1.5-2m around the UV Sterilizer Lamp tube, and the time is 30min or longer.

Ultraviolet sterilization is carried out with UV Sterilizer Lamp. The ultraviolet ray with the wavelength of 200~300nm has the bactericidal ability, among which the bactericidal ability of 260nm is the strongest. Under certain wavelength, the sterilization efficiency of ultraviolet ray is directly proportional to the product of intensity and time. The ultraviolet sterilization mechanism is mainly because it induces the formation of thymine dimers and the cross-linking of DNA strands, thus inhibiting DNA replication. On the other hand, radiation can ionize the oxygen in the air to [O], and then oxidize O2 to generate ozone (O3) or water (H2O) to generate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Both O3 and H2O2 have bactericidal effects. Uv penetration is not strong, so it is only suitable for sterilization of sterile room, inoculation box, air in operating room and object surface. The UV Sterilizer Lamp is not more than 1.2m from the irradiation.

Correct use of UV Sterilizer Lamp

UV Sterilizer Lamp is used for indoor air and the surface of objects and water and other liquid disinfection. UV Sterilizer Lamp is to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the external environment, cut off the transmission of infectious diseases, blocking the spread of infectious diseases, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting human health. UV Sterilizer Lamp, mainly used for air disinfection.

1. UV Sterilizer Lamp hanging height. Should be hung vertically, 2-2.5 meters above the ground.

2. The range of UV Sterilizer Lamp is used. The line emitted from the inside of the sterilization UV Sterilizer Lamp is c-wave, whose wavelength range is 200-270nm, and the central wavelength of sterilization is 253.7nm. Under sufficient ultraviolet intensity and irradiation time, can kill all microorganisms. However, the penetration of ultraviolet is very weak, the intensity of its irradiation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and only on the surface of the irradiation can play a bactericidal effect. At present the kind that our country produces now basically has these a few kinds: the power is in 15w, 20w, 30w, 40w what we use at present is 30w UV Sterilizer Lamp at most, the requirement is every cubic metre area reaches 1.5w.

3. each UV Sterilizer Lamp tube accumulative time is 1000 hours, exceed 1000 hours, should replace in time new. New replacement to indicate the replacement time, and the cumulative use time.

4. UV Sterilizer Lamp in the process of use, should keep the surface of the UV Sterilizer Lamp clean, generally every two weeks with alcohol cotton ball sassafras test once, found that the surface of the lamp has a layer of ash, oil, should be sassafras test at any time.

5. The disinfection time of each UV Sterilizer Lamp shall be 30-60 minutes.

6. Ultraviolet disinfection of the air with a fixed method. In the UV Sterilizer Lamp tube with reflective cover will enhance the killing effect. Fixed illuminate is to install UV Sterilizer Lamp to hang below the head of the head of the person below the ceiling place, downward illuminate (positive illuminate) or fix on the wall upper side to illuminate. Although this kind of irradiation only hits the local air, the convection of the air can sterilize the whole chamber air. The disinfection effect of forward irradiation or side irradiation is better. But because ultraviolet light is harmful to humans, such devices are only suitable for unmanned use. Generally speaking, each cubic meter of space installed UV Sterilizer Lamp watts ≥1.5W.

7. In addition, the switch setting should be more than 2 meters above the ground, timing switch, and add switch box cover, the box cover should be affixed with an eye-catching warning sign, not simply write "ultraviolet light".

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