How long can I enter the room with ozone-containing ultraviolet disinfection?

by:Tepro     2021-03-12
There are many kinds of disinfection methods used indoors, according to the different environmental needs, choose a more suitable disinfection method. Many hospitals will choose the ultraviolet disinfection method. When using ultraviolet ozone, it is necessary to know some specific common sense. For example, how long does it take to enter a room with ultraviolet disinfection lamps containing ozone? What is the function of its disinfection lamp? Let's take a look at these specific introductions. There is a time limit for the irradiation of ultraviolet disinfection lamps, and at the same time, sufficient ultraviolet intensity must be ensured. Generally, the irradiation time of 30 to 60 minutes is appropriate. Ultraviolet rays have a certain impact on human body exposure, so try not to directly irradiate the human body. Attention should be paid to let people leave during disinfection, and enter the room after disinfection is completed and the uv water purifier equipment is turned off. u003cbru003eIntroduction to the precautions of ultraviolet disinfection u003cbru003eUltraviolet irradiation disinfection is a physical disinfection method with short processing time and wide range of sterilization. The requirements for ultraviolet disinfection are as follows: 1. Lamp requirements: 30-40 watts of low-ozone straight tube ultraviolet germicidal lamps should be used for indoor disinfection, and the installation distance is even. 2. Installation requirements: according to actual needs, adopt fixed installation and mobile lighting devices; when fixed irradiation, the UV lamp tube needs to be suspended on the top of the room, keeping a certain distance from the ground, and it can also be installed on the wall with screen-type irradiation or sideways. Irradiate. Mobile irradiation can be installed on the mobile car cassocks to implement multi-directional irradiation and move at any time: or install the polished aluminum reflector on the ultraviolet lamp holder, which will increase the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and improve the sterilization effect. 3. How to use: When ultraviolet light is directly irradiated to sterilize air, it is necessary to ensure that the air maintains humidity. If the relative humidity in the air is too high or the dust-containing particles are too high, it will affect the effect of ultraviolet disinfection. It is carried out under unmanned cattle, and each irradiation time should not be less than 30 minutes.
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