How does the uv sterilizer kill bacteria?

How does the uv sterilizer kill bacteria?


Uv sterilizer is a common water sterilization disinfection equipment, community, school, office supply of tap water needs to use it to sterilize, so how is uv sterilizer used sterilization?

   The principle of sterilization of uv sterilizer

After uv sterilizer device is good, turn on the power switch, check whether the light can be fully bright, if the light is fully bright to clarify the normal operation of the internal tube.

Otherwise the need to turn off the power row query. After waiting for the uv sterilizer to operate normally for a few minutes, then turn over the outlet and inlet valve in turn, the demand is to pay attention to the need to turn over the outlet valve, and then turn over the inlet valve, so as not to damage the water pressure on the quartz sleeve formation. In use can not exceed the rated working pressure, atmospheric pressure < 0.6mpa, the valve should be slow to open, to prevent the uv sterilizer components by the fierce water impact damage.

The naked eye cannot look directly at the exposed ultraviolet light to prevent ultraviolet rays from forming damage to the eyes and skin. The outside line sterilizer is a kind of modern water disinfection and sterilization equipment, the application ultraviolet lamp gives off the ultraviolet light, reflects the water body, sterilizes the bacteria, the virus and so on microorganism in the water. Ultraviolet disinfection, as a physical disinfection process, is one of the most common disinfection technologies.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the share of uv sterilizer in disinfection field has been greatly improved since last century when uv sterilizer was found to have disinfection and sterilization effect. The sterilization principle of uv sterilizer depends on the sterilization effect of ultraviolet ray. Ultraviolet (uv) is the electromagnetic wave spectrum with the wavelength of 100-400 nm, which can be divided into UVA (315-400 nm), UVB (280-315 nm) and UVC (100-280 nm).

uv sterilizer

Advantages of uv sterilizer system

Ultraviolet radiation and fluid resonance cavity and flow are calculated by use of a very powerful tool for CFD design brawn, accurately predict the acoustic performance, maximum walks the average flow rate and reduce the use of power, no dead Angle, more comprehensive category of ultraviolet disinfection sterilization at present in domestic swimming pool is the most commonly used in low pressure uv lamp. It is a tube pressure less than 103Pa, as long as the output of monochrome ultraviolet spectrum, the power of a single lamp is less than 100W traditional uv sterilizer.

Small space, device operation cumbersome; Low operating cost, long service life; Sterilization is not affected by the environment. High efficiency and rapid sterilization. The sterilization efficiency of uv system can reach 99%-99.9% within 1 second. Among all the current disinfection techniques, the broad-spectrum of sterilization is the highest. It is effective against almost all bacteria and viruses.

No secondary pollution. Because uvb technology can be controlled to only sterilize, and does not participate in any chemical agents, so it does not produce secondary pollution to the water and surrounding environment. Safe and reliable operation. Modern ultraviolet disinfection system does not exist such security risks, is a relatively safe and reliable to the surrounding environment and operators of the disinfection technology. Low maintenance cost. As a result of technical perfection, medium pressure ultraviolet ray disinfects technology disinfects efficiency not only is the highest in all disinfects the wrist, and disinfects the operation maintenance is simplest, the operation cost is lowest.

Application range of uv sterilizer

The principle of uv sterilizer sterilization is the application of ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity, that is, the irradiation intensity emitted by ultraviolet sterilization lamp is inversely proportional to the spacing of the disinfection object. When the irradiation intensity is certain, the longer the disinfection object stays, the closer it is to the sterilizing lamp, the better the sterilizing effect is, and the worse the sterilizing effect is. According to the different lamp tubes, there are hot-negative low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps and cathode low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps.

Hot - shade low - pressure mercury steam discharge lamps can be divided into straight, H, U - shaped tubes. For different needs, it can be divided into low (no ozone), ozone, high ozone, etc. Ultraviolet sterilization equipment has other technologies have no comparison with the efficiency of sterilization. The bactericidal efficiency can reach 99%-99.9%. The following table lists the bactericidal time of ultraviolet technology for common bacteria and viruses, which generally takes less than 1 second.

And the traditional chlorine gas, ozone and other chemical disinfection methods to reach the sterilization effect of ultraviolet C generally requires 20 minutes to 1 hour time. Ultraviolet sterilization with water flow average, no dead Angle, good light conditions, complete sterilization, low energy consumption, sensitive device and other characteristics, the main material is made of stainless steel, no metal ion contamination problems, the product structure is sealed container quartz casing type, equipped with electrical control installation.

One of the key ultraviolet lamp theoretical life up to 10,000 hours, to the international advanced degree. The product appearance is beautiful and generous, the structure is compact, the operation maintenance bento, generally applies to the industrial and mining enterprise, the resident life, the hotel, the office school; Field troops, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, high purity water preparation, public places or recreational tourism for direct consumption, and beverages or other industries where excess chlorine is not allowed in the water.

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