How can ability let ultraviolet germicidal lamp is better

by:Tepro     2020-07-19

is the main function of uv light can get it at work, have very good sterilization effect, and because of that, under the effect of just have to pay attention to on this purpose, let it as far as possible to achieve the greatest degree of sterilization, so should be how to make it reach the purpose of this? First of all, the first note is keeping it clean, so before installing, also must pay attention to clean, and let it have any impurities, although some tiny impurities, but enough to make it at the time of use to affect the sterilization effect, and at the time of installation, it is best not to directly use the hand to touch the lamp.

because the hand also have some of the impurities, so when exposed to ultraviolet lamp quartz parts, also affects its sterilization effect, and after using a period of time, also want to clean it, and, of course, one of the most important premise, also must guarantee the quality of ultraviolet lamp, and only in this case, to make it reach the maximum extent, bactericidal effect.

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