How about UVC lamp to remove mites?

by:Tepro     2021-07-17
In daily life, mites often breed in bedding and clothing, such as bedding quilts, blankets, mattresses, pillows, etc., which can grow in large numbers. Mites can damage the skin, cause inflammation, spread diseases, and cause allergic reactions. A common practice for daily mites removal is to wash pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets regularly and then expose them to the sun. Since cleaning the duvet cover and exposing it to the sun is relatively cumbersome, is there a relatively lazy way? The answer is yes, today TANK007 introduces a UVC ultraviolet lamp to remove mites. The principle of UVC ultraviolet lamp to eliminate mites. Household ultraviolet disinfection lamps use short-wave ultraviolet (250nm-300nm) to destroy the base pairs of microbes' DNA and make them inactive to kill microbes and viruses, including mites. In theory, as long as a sufficient UVC dose can kill all organisms that use DNA as genetic information. This is because microbial cells have the maximum absorption under the ultraviolet lamp radiation of 220~300nm. The absorbed ultraviolet light acts on the genetic material (DNA) of the cell. It plays a kind of actinic effect. The energy of the ultraviolet photon is absorbed by the alkali in the DNA. The absorption of the base pair causes the genetic material to mutate, so that the bacteria immediately die or cannot reproduce their offspring, thereby achieving the purpose of killing. The effect of UV lamp in removing mites, which brand of UV disinfection lamp is good for removing mites, the following points need to be paid attention to in order to achieve the ideal effect of removing mites: 1. First of all, ensure that UVC (250nm-300nm) band UV lamps, other bands The UV lamp has no sterilization effect; 2. Remember a formula: irradiation dose (J/m2) u003d irradiation time (s) × UVC intensity (W/m2). The effect of UV disinfection lamps on removing mites depends largely on the irradiation dose, which is affected by the irradiation time and the power of the UVC lamp itself. 3. In addition to the radiation dose that will affect the effect of UVC UV lamps in addition to mites, there is also an important factor that is distance, because the radiation intensity of UV-C decays faster as the distance increases. Therefore, when using household ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps, the distance is very particular. For daily use, we recommend as close as possible to the target disinfectant to ensure the best effect of UVC UV lamps. Which brand of ultraviolet disinfection lamps are good for removing mites? There are many UV disinfection lamps on the market. , Ordinary consumers try their best to choose deep ultraviolet disinfection lamps produced by large factories such as the UV210 UV300 series produced by TANK007. This is because the ultraviolet lamps produced by large factories have more advantages in UVC intensity and irradiation distance. For the same killing time, the greater the UVC ultraviolet lamp power, the greater the irradiation dose, the better the effect of removing mites.
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