How about the car UV germicidal lamp?

by:Tepro     2021-02-23
The sudden new crown epidemic caused people across the country to enter a major entrance examination, and also made the concept of ultraviolet sterilization popular. In the face of the overall war and resistance war of epidemic prevention and control, the whole country has sincerely united, and has joint prevention and control. Among them, as an efficient disinfection method, uv light sterilizer has been quickly applied to various industries, such as intelligent ultraviolet disinfection lamps elevators, intelligent ultraviolet distribution robots, etc. Similarly, vehicle-mounted ultraviolet germicidal lamps have been developed and put into use. From February 2 to 8, BAIC Group donated or put into use a large number of BAIC EV5 anti-epidemic materials fully enclosed transport vehicles to the hardest-hit areas of the epidemic. The biggest highlight of this model is the use of on-board ultraviolet germicidal lamps, which are equipped with virus elimination equipment in China. In the electric logistics vehicle, the cargo compartment is equipped with a special ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp for science and technology, which can radiate ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 253.7nm. In a 4.5m³ cargo warehouse, 30 minutes of irradiation can kill bacteria from general bacteria to a highly resistant bacterial spore formed by highly concentrated and dehydrated cytoplasm. It is used for killing in the car to ensure the air quality in the car. . The use of BAIC's EV5 fully enclosed transport vehicle for epidemic prevention materials opened up the application field of UV germicidal lamps, and officially announced the practicability and urgency of UV lamps. The biggest advantage of the vehicle-mounted ultraviolet germicidal lamp is that it solves the indoor sterilization and disinfection problems of cars and other vehicles with considerable space, provides protection for the health of drivers and passengers, and also meets the need for disinfection and hygiene of special transport vehicles. Provides a scientific and efficient feasible way. The vehicle-mounted uv light sterilizer lamp is convenient to carry and easy to operate; because the power supply provided by the car battery is directly used, the disinfection and sterilization work can be performed anytime and anywhere. There are various types of uv light sterilizer devices in the prior art. As far as automobiles are concerned, there is no supporting special sterilization uv water purifier equipment, whether domestic or imported, and it is impossible to sterilize the interior of the car in time, which directly affects the driver and passengers. The car crew is in good health. On this basis, science and technology use its own technology accumulation to develop the CZ-GZ402 intelligent vehicle-mounted uv lamp, which is suitable for the needs of special transportation vehicles such as ambulances, medical waste transportation, vegetable, fruit and grain transportation for sanitation, epidemic prevention and disinfection. Efficient sterilization is carried out on the surface of space and transportation objects, so as to ensure the clean air in the vehicle and the requirements for epidemic prevention and disinfection of transportation objects. The CZ-GZ402 intelligent vehicle-mounted uv lamp can flexibly adopt customized brackets according to the requirements of various types of vehicle installation and disinfection and epidemic prevention, and optimize the layout of the light source, suitable for installation in the interior space of various types of vehicles; the cumulative maximum light intensity is ≥250μW/cm2, the light source irradiation angle ≥160°(test data), effectively and efficiently kill bacteria, viruses and pollutants in the interior of the car; synthesize ozone and negative oxygen ions, deodorize and mold, and also kill flies, mosquitoes and other larvae; equipped with intelligent timing controller, Under the premise of ensuring effective sterilization, a single timing, an infinite cycle or a specified cycle time can be independently set to reduce manual repetitive operations and prevent the harm of ultraviolet radiation to users; at the same time, it is easy to affect ultraviolet rays according to the vibration generated by the car during driving. The lamp tube produces different degrees of harm. The CZ-GZ402 intelligent vehicle-mounted ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp is specially designed with a car shock absorption design, which is suitable for use under most complex road conditions. It can effectively filter and slow down the vibration during the driving process, and greatly improve the ultraviolet lamp. And the life of its uv water purifier equipment.   Vehicle-mounted ultraviolet germicidal lamp is an efficient and low-cost way to disinfect the interior space of special vehicles in the future.
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